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  2. I went to the show tonight. oh...my...god It was absolute perfection. Those of you who are under 18 really should have given it a shot, cause they only carding people who planned on drinking. I must also say that i quite liked the Exit. I have got to sleep now, i'm so glad i finally saw them. I hope everyone else who went had as good a time as i, and i hope for the same to those going to upcoming shows. peace.
  3. i have another question for people who have been at the axis in boston before... i got my two tickets today, but one ticket says "row GA2, seat 38" and the other says "row GA6 seat 21." now my understanding was that this place was just an open floor, the earlier you come, the closer to the stage. am i wrong? is there some sort of organization to it? or do they just use that numbering to organize ticket sales?
  4. ok, boston show.... i've heard all concerts at the axis end at ten and they open it up as a dance club. can anyone confirm this who has been there, or called them? i know on the avalon site (same owners) they have a "clubnight" on thursday at ten. if this is ture it would deffinitly help with my friend with over protective parents.
  5. ok, so they have our tour dates on the site finally, but did anyone happen to notice they put "america" as the name of our country? granted that is part of our name, but not the whole thing. and as i understand people in canada, mexico and all the countries in central and south american find that kind of offensive. just a though.
  6. anyone know where i can get tickets to the provedince show? I'm already going to the axis show with my friend at BU, but if my other friend can't go cause of the school night thing, i might want to go with him to provedince. man....two nights of muse in a row, that'd be so awsome. a good lead into my april vacation too.
  7. Anyone know what time it will be over? i have no problem with staying late but the kid i'm going with has over-protective parents. i'm hoping maybe if it starts at 7 it'll over between 10 and 11 maybe? I guess it depends on how many opening bands there are. wow, i've never been so happy to be 18.
  8. i like canada, i'd prolly go a muse concert in toronto just for an excuse to go to canada. It's so much better than my country....i'm jealous of all of you. ...that's all.
  9. anyone have any detailed info on the Boston show? i found tickets but i'm just curious about who else is playing and so on. Anyone know if the venue has a website? also, it doesn't seem like there's gonna be a huge turnout...i mean, they haven't even announced on their site, i've only found one ticket retailer with it, and on top of that it's 18+. oh well.
  10. hey, i just realized someone's from boston. i live so close to boston. ever been to Franklin? ya it kinda sucks that the first muse concert in american since showbiz is all the way on the other side of the country, huh?
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