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  1. omfg thats the coolest wallpaper ive ever seen great job its RAD!
  2. DUDE! i love ure dragon there i want it as a tatoo on my arm now
  3. ahahah i foudn my old acoutn in artwanted me portfolia sucked lol!!!!! heres one pic i drew along time ago http://www.artwanted.com/images/large/5920_23430.jpg
  4. mines ravenrage nothing on it yet becuase i just joined last time i tried to join it wouldnt let me becuase they said they were refurninshing it or somthing i guess
  5. ooooo dont you just love his fancy jewelery i intend to cosplay his jewerelry somtimes lol spesh the braclets and all soo purdddyyyy anyone know what his necklace is called i can neva find it int he shops i think....i dunno meh...
  6. i love your cokie corner the best place yuo could eva go to speshially when ure straving like me
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