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  1. It was. I'm still in shock. I was front-row center for all the second stage.. Head Automatica was amazing, like I knew they'd be.. The Cooper Temple Clause was missing something, but that was expected since Didz wasn't there.. Auf Der Maur was so much more than I thought it'd be.. I got her pick, too. And Muse was... Muse. All out moshing near the front... It was amazing.
  2. I would never perform a victory dance for missing Head Automatica.. I love Decadence, even though it's not out yet.. I don't care about Thursday, though. Cursive would've been nice, too. They could replace Interpol.. >_>
  3. I've a very good feeling that I'll spend most of my time at the second stage. Out of the main stage players... Interpol - Yes, I got hooked on Turn On The Bright Lights when it first came out. But in retrospect, I realize that they're nothing that amazing. They are, in my mind, equivalent to Franz Ferdinand. They're talented, yes, but they're not spectacular. Oh, right, and I really don't like Antics at all. It's a shame, really. The Rapture - I'm not a big fan. I'll leave it at that. Mogwai - Now, I am a huge Mogwai fan. I love all their work, and I think them to be one the most underrated acts in the musical world. Young Team is one of my favourite albums of all time... Top five, maybe. The Cure - I don't need to comment... The second stage, though... Auf Der Maur is confirmed. The Cooper Temple Clause is confirmed. Muse is confirmed. :D Thursday, Cursive and Head Automatica definitely won't be there, though. Thursday's scheduled for the Warped Tour (as though I care). Cursive will only be on for later dates. Head Automatica is just off. My question... Any speculation on the "others" that might play?
  4. Hi. I thought it'd be nice to post here again. I meant to earlier, but... I've been insanely busy with work and whatnot for the past month or so. It is nice to squeeze in time for the essentials, though. I ended up with Curiosa seats in about the fifteenth row at Merriweather Post Pavilion. I'm fairly happy with that. *shrugs* So... Yeah. I don't really have anything beyond that right now.
  5. I just got back from seeing The Stills at The 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. Amazing show! The two opening acts were spectacular, too -- Sea Ray and Metric. Wow. Just wow. I got to hold Emily Haines hand for a few moments (she's pure sex, I swear >_>) and then I got to shake all of The Stills' hands again. They immediately recognized the Camping Lot B wristband that I still have on from Coachella. Oh, and I got Tim Fletcher's guitar pick.
  6. Ooh. Ooh. I almost forgot. Apparently, since last week, Muse has been getting airtime on 99.1 WHFS, the local "alternative rock" station in the area. I've yet to hear TIRO on the radio, but one of my many Muse converts in the area heard it a few times when I was at Coachella.
  7. I'll write a bit more later, but while it's fresh in my mind... The Top Five Acts I Saw: 05. The (International) Noise Conspiracy 04. The Stills 03. The Cooper Temple Clause 02. Muse 01. Mindless Self Indulgence
  8. I'm back home. I'll start uploading pictures in an hour or so, I believe. I was in the third row, nearly dead-centre for Muse. *beams* Amazing. Simply amazing. Once I gather myself (Maybe tomorrow?), I'll write on it.
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