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  1. i am a bit upset that they are gonna be in DC on a weekday (its a monday night) and theres no way i can go but at least my son is going. anyway...does anyone know who they are touring with?
  2. yeah...i saw that on the website. that would be great for me but i think its not going to be. i like to know ahead of time so i can at least get a little familiar with their music if its someone i never heard of. i tried that with calla when i saw them with TCTC but i didnt like them anyway i tried. a perfect support act for Wilco would be the Thrills.
  3. so rumor has it that Curefest, which will take place in various venues in the US, will include not only the Cure, but Muse, Cooper Temple Clause, Interpol, and a couple of others. if you google curefest there's a fan site with some info. this is to take plce in late july-august
  4. that is the truth. these guys must be seen live to be really appreciated....i find that their songs go off in strange directions sometimes (did you miss me is one i think does that) but when they do it live you can see the transition taking place and then its amazing. and a song like panzer attack or lets kill music are so great live.
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