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  1. Just got my tickets! The only problem is that my friend is only 20, and the show is 21+...but i suppose we can find a way around that. cough.FakeIDcough.cough. Well thanks for the heads up on the show. I was panicking...I didn't see that date mentioned anywhere! Well thanks again!
  2. Whoa! When was a San Diego show announced? When, Where? and how do I get tickets?? My friend and I will be driving from Phoenix to Utah for the show on the 29th. Then we will be driving to Coachella for both days. Driving back to Phoenix to take finals, then driving up to the San Francisco show on the 6th. I'm so pissed at the Popscene Club for not selling tickets in advance. There's a possibilty that the show could sell out, which would be a huge waste of driving. Well anyway, I think we may have to sit outside of the club to ensure that we get in. Hey any info on that Sand Diego show would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. By the way, I'm assuming that most bands will get about 40-50 minutes at Coachella, so do you guys/gals think they'll play just "Absolution" tracks, since technically they are supporting that album? It would be excellent if they threw in a few OOS or Showbiz tracks. I can't even describe how excited I am to finally be able to see MUSE in concert. I think I might hurl.
  4. These are the bands that I want to check out: Saturday 01. Radiohead 02. The Rapture 03. Death Cab for Cutie 04. The Pixies 05. Kinky Sunday 01. MUSE 02. The Cure 03. Broken Social Scene 04. The Cooper Temple Clause 05. Thursday
  5. I think SS would be a great first single, but TIRO wil definitely reach a broader audience...so much for MUSE being MY own secret little band. Oh well, now everyone can enjoy their awesome sounds. Hey, who's going to Coachella? I really have a feeling that they will be playing some "warm up" shows before then. Well, atleast I hope so. .
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