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    I was born. But that was like yeeaars ago...
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    Muse, skateboarding, internet, having lots of fun, eating crisps, having funversations, Muse (yes, again), and I like to sing for Absolution.
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  1. Happy birthday! Also mine today!

  2. I think it will look kinda fuzked up if you tattoo that... it's just the shape of it, I don't think that even muse fans will say "oh hey it's that muse dude from sing for abs!"... it doesn't really have a... erhm... distinct (spelling?) shape. So I reckon the absolution dude will not be on my ankle. Maybe it's possible with the word absolution or muse under it... I would choose for a henna tattoo, one that's not permanent... Could be, but I really like the muse logo although it may be kinda dull. It's really simple, and it's clear immediately what it is. It's not as with those death metal logo's, you don't have to go stare and puzzle a while before you understand what's there, it's just plain simple. I like it. Yeah! </rant>
  3. ooh ok. i didn't know you've had experience before with tattoos. I just ment you should know what you're doing, know all the consequenses of tattoos instead of deciding without knowing anything about it. But i guess you do, because you've had them before. Those henna tattoos, did they last long and what are the bad things about them?
  4. Hi there. I am having quite the same idea for the past months now, only with a little difference. I don't know if any of you have heard of the non-permanent tattoos, the Henna tattoos (correct me if I'm wrong), anyway no-one mentioned them before, but they seem like a good solution to me. I am thinking about having the muse logo on the outer side of my ankle, with the henna thing. With henna, the tattoo will be on your skin for like a year or so and will eventually fade and go away. In the last period of the time you've got the tattoo, it will become a bit ugly because of the fading, but it's not a big prob to me. maybe that's a nice alternative for you esum, maybe just to try it out a bit. If it's cool, you can have it tattooed again and if it isn't, just wait and it comes off. Good luck with the decision, get yourself well-informed before you get the tattoo. Lenn.
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