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  1. I'm from Rhode Island (well... sorta... it's my alma mata for high school, anyway). but alas... I was in Michigan when our boys were there. sorry jimmajamma. Istya... you were born in Rahoda Izland? I had no idea! Go SKIPPERS! tee hee!
  2. (I didn't go when they came around this last time) but I'll try to this next time... if I can fit them in. I've been booked solid lately. I hate being all growed up. perhaps I can drag my youth group (I'm the youth advisor)... there are religious undertones/overtones/allaroundtones to several muse tunes, right? indeed. if I remember correctly. going away now. talk to ya later!
  3. I've noticed. bummer. it's been ages since I've been on. (and ages since I've listened to an entire muse disc) just thought I'd check in. hope all is well with my fave bostonians/floridians, etc.
  4. you're right... that totally sucks. I think they should re-evaluate the band schedule and replace the rest of the bands (except for keane) with muse. that way you can get way more for your buck... and leave the place orgasmically induced.
  5. you were in the pit, too? is your av you? were you the short girl with your hair shaved but kinda growing in and the pink pigtail going straight up on top? I almost said something to that girl cuz I used to have my hair like that only it was bright red and a bit longer on top... gosh... way back in my raving days. yeah... trying to stand straight up was a bit of a distraction... but ooooh those drums. dom always blows me away on those things. I'm such a drumaholic *le sigh*
  6. omg! I've never been so beat up at a show before EVER! clutch cargos is pretty careful about not letting "extra" stuff get in their doors... they should check for psychos, too. I went with my sister. she was never one for concerts... so I think this is prolly her fourth show altogether (and one of the other shows was muse in chicago). she actually joined me on the floor... almost stayed up with me when muse started playing and everyone rushed for the front... but lost me when I was engulfed by everyone taller than me (uh... which is practically everyone). she liked it this time. muse were wonderful! (surprise) I loved that the whole crowd knew the words to all the songs (not like the last show which was a freebie and I wondered how many people had actually heard of muse before walking in the door at that show). the crowd was as intense as the music. I had to leave the front once when I started to have an asthma attack come on but I got over it and jumped right back in there (yay me). I walked outta there soaked. it was so awesome... exhilarating, even. better than any other time I've seen muse. can they get better? damn! I'm paying for it now. I'm one big bruise from head to toe. can't wait to climb into bed so I can snap my back into place. (zutons were cool, too... snazzy) buh-bye...
  7. I'll go see razorlight with you. I wish. regarding stephanie, I think I'll have to give her a call. dunno if she'd wanna crash at my place where I'm right down the road and she's a good hour drive away. that'd be cool... haven't seen her since our muse/chicago trip. ms idealist... where are you??? I'm beginning to wonder if zuton will not be opening for muse now. did anyone read on nme.com that they had to cancel the rest of their uk tour because the drummer came down with a viral infection? dunno if they'll want the dude coming all the way over to the States like that. :-/
  8. bah... I've been poppin' headache pills by the dozen this past week... but it's all good. I'm gettin' a buzz, at least I've been so outta the loop. actually turned the radio on at work and some chick called in about not getting into some free show the last time "they" were here and I thought... it couldn't be MUSE they're talking about, could it? I mean, surely this radio station does more than one free show, right? so I got online and there it is... our boys playing 15 minutes from my house. I'm not fond of Clutch Cargo's... practically have to bring your birth certificate and a promisary note for your firstborn to get in (or was that just for the darkness?). I also don't dig their selection of alcoholic beverages... whaddya mean no amstel light??????? and you have to drink from a plastic cup cuz they don't trust you with a glass bottle. grr. but it's muse and it's all good! and if I can believe the news on this site, it's not the exit opening for them in MI... YESSSSSS! and how are things in YOUR neck of the woods (besides the obvious... red sox rawkin' and all)
  9. 'lo all... thought I'd check in on the love muse neighborhood. good to know muse'll be back in town... got my tix for nov 12th... draggin' my lil sis along. hope all is well with everyone. btw... GOOOOOO SOOOOOOXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!! (ah... gotta love those idiots)
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