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    Anne Hathaway keeps moving forward


    Finally, we get through the hot summer. In delightful autumn, we should step out the door and enjoy the beauty of nature. It was said that uncomfortable shoes hold us back rather than what we carried. So wear the Sneakers of Anne Hathaway on to keep moving forward.

  2. *OoS*

    Whoa, your name's quite like mine... I hope this doesn't get confusing lol.

  3. am I the only one who thinks that there are similarities? and I think the music video should be like that too
  4. it's nice, I like it, though a bit too sweet for my taste but I'm sure it's going to grow on me
  5. why would they have to cut it down? there are enough muse fans to force it into the rotation list of some radiostations or musicvideo channels(atleast in UK and france)
  6. it has to be a single I absolutely love it
  7. unbelievable awesome I hope the recorded version has this disco-abba vibe too, I love it
  8. wow, looks awesome dude
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