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    My latest aim in life [still] is to sit on Alex Kapranos's knee...

    ...bit of a silly aim for a Cambridge graduate innit?

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    I love evil characters but that doesn't mean I like evil people in real life. I've got enough evil in my own head thank you very much.
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    Hmmm. Perving.


    Perving over villains.
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    Lots. I especially like comic book films.
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  1. Hi there posting this to you also (as you look after ther 'other Muse Topics' area of forum, as well as Tom Kirk ... please see below my post to 'thread' created earlier today... is there anyway in which you may be able to help me? ....


    Signed muse covers stolen


    Hi there to all,


    sad news , while away over the festive period, unfortunately lost our full collection of signed Muse album covers (including Hullabaloo) which were framed on display in our house as a 'complete' set to some sticky fingered burglar type person...


    ...these album covers were an absolute treasure to both myself and my wife who over many years of following Muse around the UK to attend gigs had taken the time to get them signed by the band.


    Have been trying to get in touch with someone who may be able to find a way to get a new set signed to replace the ones which we have, but as yet have had NO luck


    Anyone got any ideas/be able to help on how we may reach Muse/their management (we have emailed Warner Music records, but are yet to receive a response ... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!!


    many thanks I hope that there is some way you can help me...

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