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  1. Hi there! Glad to hear SOMEONE has a copy of the Resistance in 5.1 :) I purchased the box LP for $180, thinking it was in there, but it was not. The LP bundle is amazing in its own right, but I really only bought it for the 5.1 mix. Unfortunately, the OoS 5.1 mix was not official, and was from a download 😬 I own 0 official 5.1 muse mixes and only 1 altogether, but if I’m honest, the mix not not good. I’d love to find a way to get ahold of the resistance for sure.
  2. I have a copy of OoS in 5.1, as a DTS-CD, and I have been looking for others with no real results. I purchased the Limited Edition box of The Resistance, which should be here in a couple weeks, and it contains a 5.1 mix. I found a download of Absolution in 5.1 but it did not work, and I found another of BHaR in 5.1 which was a dead link. If anyone knows where to find these, I'd love to find out. I must admit that the OoS 5.1 mix is not particularly good, but I would imagine The Resistance will be awesome, considering it's an official release. From my understanding, OoS, Absolution's 5.1 mixes are upmixes made from isolating individual tracks from the stereo recordings, which would explain why the OoS one does not sound like Muse-quality engineering. To be fair, for one of my favorite bands, the engineering wasn't stellar on OoS or Showbiz, but they're still amazing albums. I really want Absolution in 5.1 most of all.
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