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  1. 1. Absolution 2. Absolution 3. Time is Running Out 4. Absolution Origin of Symmetry Showbiz Black Holes and Revelations The Resistance Drones The Second Law Simulation Theory *Disclaimer: I am really only certain of the top 3. I haven't listened to The Second Law, Drones, or Simulation Theory enough to confidently place them.
  2. Hi all, First time poster here, so hope I am doing this right. I know this isn't very scientific but I am curious to see if there are any correlations between these variables. If enough people respond, I'll compile the data and share what I find. Questions: 1. What was the newest Muse album when you became a Muse fan? 2. What was the first Muse album you listened to (having heard at least 75% of the songs on the album)? 3. What Muse song got you interested in them? 4. Rank Muse's studio albums
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