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  1. I'm so glad you got it sorted. I'm excited for your daughters. Is it the first time they are going too see muse? This trip will be my first night away from my son who will be 4 months old when we go. I'm so excited and glad I thought to email customers services.
  2. my code has worked for my tickets that came from customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com
  3. yes they did last night and then i got an email about 10 minutes ago with where i needed to buy them from.
  4. I have just had another email from customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com so they are def responding to code problems.
  5. Sorry. Try UK-customerserviceteam@wmgcustomerservice.com I sent emails to multiple email address as the one on the terms and conditions didn't work.
  6. Thank you. Wasnt sure if it was ticket master or not. That is really helpful.
  7. Racemonkey any chance you could post the website link you have been given for tomorrow morning. I have my code but no idea where to buy from as I wasnt given the link.
  8. I emailed customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com and they have just responded and given me my code for tomorrow but haven't given the link to purchase. But it is a start!
  9. The fact that one person has gotten it so far isnt good for the rest of us. I have the code for the 1pm sale but not the 9am sale. So sad!
  10. That is awful. I got mine before but couldn't make those gigs but can do the septemeber one. I really hope it gets sent. Has anyone recieved the email?
  11. Yes I haven't had mine either and I pre ordered the album on the store.
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