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  1. I'm reading a book at the mo called 'Give Up the White Room', it was free on kindle (amazing book btw! Absolutely blew me away), and me and my partner noticed a bunch of references to Muse in it. The first we noticed (well... my partner did, can't take credit for this one) was that it talks about a Russian music festival called "Zibwohs Esum", which is "Muse Showbiz" backwards. In the book, it has this fictional website called 'The Puzzler' and members post challenges to it. We noticed all the usernames in it are anagrams of OOS muse songs: fruit sum= Futurism RobWenn = New Born Ragescreen = Screenager TriciaSneezed = Citizen Erased fog geed lion = Feeling good Ola Emma Gina = Megalomania Slibs= Bliss TinaMecsdapeen = Space Dementia AbByPuLiNg = Plug in baby CortMusic = Microcuts sand shriek = Darkshines ChimeSyrup = Hyper Music They're the definite references, but I reckon there's others that might be. There is a bit in the book where one character is talking about how they didn't have proper experiences as a teenager, and she says "I wasted all my youth... i'll never see it again" which I reckon is a reference to Host. And another bit where she is talking to someone else and getting them to do something and say's "Don't dress it up, don't beat around the bush, don't cover it up" from Break it to me. Anyone else read it? We've both gone over it a few times now and haven't found anything else.
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