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  1. Hi guys, as we are a lot in the world I wondered if we could launch big projects for the sake of our favorite band : stadium animation (TIFOs and other...), lip dubs, covers with lots of fans, charity collects...

    Please feel free to discuss any idea in this topic ! :)

  2. Hi guys, we are a really big community worldwide and most of us only know each others on the internet... I thought it would be greet to meet in real life. It's easy in France for we have an official fan-club that does gatherings from time to time but it lokks like few countries have the same.

    So in this topic we'll be able to create calls for international / per country gatherings.

  3. Rien à voir avec la choucroute mais étant une nouvelle fan très motivée, je voudrais proposer de nouvelles activités pour les fans (France et ailleurs), genre un topic pour les rencontres de fans sur le forum, des rencontres de projets pour faire des projets en commun avec le soutien de Muse France (plus petits que des TIFO pour des stades géants, hein ;) )...

    1. 1. Est-ce que sont des idées débiles/déjà faites/qui ont fait un bide ?
    2. 2. Est-ce qu'il y aurait des gens qui seraient dans mon cas et qui seraient motivés pour ouvrir un channel sur le forum du type "Muse projects" ?

  4. Should we create an official Muse cover youtube channel to relay all these beautiful covers ? It would be great to have them all in the same place with a direct link from the official Muse channel.
    Maybe something like this already exists.

  5. Je ne vois pas trop en quoi c'est probl√©matique s'il est accompagn√©. Regarde les concerts qu'ils font pour la f√™te de la musique, il y a souvent des enfants en bas √Ęge. C'est de l'ordre de la responsabilit√© des parents, je pense, pas du stade ou de l'√©v√®nement.

  6. On 5/21/2019 at 3:14 PM, dreamyana said:

    You can have a close relationship with your uncle as well. With any member of family. There are plenty more relationships in one's life than just romantic. It may be 'definite' for you, but not for others. As much as I get your point, I think you should let people say and assume whatever they want about that song and not be so bothered when it's something you don't agree with. That's the beauty of it, you are free choose what particular song means to you ;) Music is more about feelings than meanings :) 

    Besides, journalists love to reuse the things that have been published elsewhere, instead of digging for another answer themselves. No wonder the reference to Matt's uncle is everywhere...

  7. On 5/18/2019 at 2:09 AM, frutiger75 said:

    matt channeled philip glass, factored in some simple orchestral work, added some falsetto vocals at the end, and called it quits.

    It may sound simple to you, yet the result is extremely powerful and coloful. Anyway, Matt seems to be the only artist in the GOT album that has trully seen the series...

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