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  1. Hi, I am also trying to buy Copenhagen concert tickets, 2 would be enough for me as well. As stated above, I did not receive my code. When did you receive yours? And what exactly is not working? When I went to the ticket website, I was asked for the code, but the code I was sent in November did not work.
  2. I think this is really disappointing. I pre-ordered the most expensive version of the album months before release, in part also to get access to the pre-sale, and then nothing??? Sorry, Muse team, but that is not good enough.
  3. Hi, I pre-order Simulation Theory, and also received a pre-sale code for the shows published in November, but not for the new shows going on sale today. I checked everywhere, I did not receive another message from Muse.mu I also tried the November code, but it is not working. Does anyone else have this problem? Please help, I need to buy them today!!!
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