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  1. My girlfriend and me were in Nijmegen and Cologne too. At both shows we were standing stage left (Chris‘ side) about 15m on the side. Both shows were absolutely amazing! But were we stand, we didn’t realize the huge crowd and their singalongs in Nijmegen, but in the stadium we did!!! So, I have to say that this was the reason, Cologne was more intensive. But I have to say (I am going to concerts and festivals since 35 years): Nijmegen was extremely good organized!! The best thing: there was drinking water for free! I am looking forward to see the show a third time on Wednesday in Zürich. The Venue (Hallenstadion) has a roof, so there will be darkness from the the first note. So I am exited, if that is a further intensive experience..
  2. Hey there, my girlfriend an me are planning to visit 3 shows in 3 countries in 7 days (Nijmegen, Cologne and Zürich). Unfortunetely Thom Yorke ist playing in our hometown Frankfurt on the Zürich date. Since my Girlfriend loves Radiohead, she is going to his show and misses Zürich.. For that reason I sell one Ticket (inner space) for Zürich - as seen in the "sell/swap"-section.. see here: Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany Dirk P.S.: I covered up the barcode and ordernumbers on that picture, preventing theft...
  3. @jerome.gray: you should cover up the QR Code on the pics. Heard about "stealing" that on pictures and use them for own entrance!
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