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  1. Yep, the song itself is good but thoensolos elevate it to a higher status imo. Great example of how effective the whammy pedal can be


    Yep, thats true.


    I just love the transition. The way that Matt slides into the first one :happy:


    It's always reminded me of the way you can hear Angus slide back down the fretboard on Back In Black on that solo .

  2. As far as we've heard him say, Matt's been signing on for individual albums at this point; that contract was originally up years ago. The licensing information for Warner on Drones was different, too, if you look at it.


    They're not putting this shit out because of any contract obligations, it's more likely they're signing on for the money.


    Yeah that was my thinking. Just thought that maybe due to their contract with WM that they were obligated to make more commercial music, or try to be more commercially successful anyway.


    Guess that theory is out the window then. Maybe they just like being 'sellouts' more than making good and meaningful music.

  3. Whilst I agree with the thinking that we'll see only a handful of songs at best, I still take what Matt says with a pinch of salt.


    Wouldn't read too much into some throwaway comments made a while back etc.

  4. Been thinking about this question myself today. TR was the first Muse album that I properly experienced as I only really got into them properly when it was in the process of being released.


    I'm a huge fan of bands like Led Zep, White Stripes and most of all QOTSA. So the music I listen to tends to go through phases. For the longest time I've been hooked on QOTSA and quite recently I've noticed a subtle change where I have been starting to listen to more Muse again. I sat and listened to Absolution yesterday and though wow I've missed this style of music, missed Matts voice/vocal delivery etc.


    Today though I have been listening to The Resistance and I can't help but think that it's absolutely brilliant. The production is outstanding, the songs are huge and in my personal opinion some of the lyrics are really good. I personally don't think Unnatural Selection gets enough love either tbh. That's always been one of my personal favourite Muse songs and I'd say was the one when TR came out made me sit up and say "woah what that!"


    Then you have things like Exo, which is truly exceptional music if you ask me.


    The Resistance is a solid 8/9 out of 10 album in my opinion. It's only bettered by OoS, Absolution and BHaR.

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