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  1. Watching it again (and remembering that picture of Bing) I do see visors on everyone, and have this sinking feeling it's a sort of "tron-esque" VR theme... and we're about to be subjected to Matt Bellamy's horrible theories about VR reprogramming people's brains and turning them into antisocial computer programs. I mean, I'm pretty sure he's already talked about that...


    yeah, it's probably gonna be about cybernetic shit or something like that. I had hopes for another political album, given everything that's happened recently, but it's muse, who knows what'll happen

  2. no, Matt must learn how to interact with the crowd. one of the reasons why last night's show was caput, it was because matt was lacking with the showmanship.......


    The encore playback tame was so cheap....why would they play a tape of the Globalist and not try to actually sing and play the song.


    That alone , it cheapened the show.


    We should demand our money back!!!!

    If you don't like Matt's stage personality dont go to the show and quit whining damn

  3. Feeling Good needs to die. How is a cover from their second album still being played when they have a ton of their own library to go through?


    Also, I don't think either of their Staples shows were sell outs. Tickets were still available for both nights through AXS the night before. I had a couple of empty seats around me last night too.

    I saw a couple seats open, but not many. I think it was close enough to sold out that they just called it that.

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