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  1. How prepared are you for the Science?? :p Why are you doing them in Y10 by the way, everyone I know at the British School I used to go to is taking their mocks in Y11, and other english musers I heard from have mocks in Year 11 as well :p


    :awesome: I want to but all dutch festivals have boring line ups. Pinkpop is the Dutch big festival and the lineup last year had Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon but this year it's Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Soundgarden, old classics basically -.-

    I wanna go to Glastonbury and my mum promised me 2013 we'd go, but apart from that it depends on the lineup really, Reading and Leeds probably will have a good line up this year but I don't think I'll be going to any festivals this year because I'm seeing Coldplay already and I might see Kasabian and Enter Shikari too:))

    It's not just screaming :p The first 20 seconds or so are, then it goes normal for a minute or so, breakdown, bit more screaming for about 20 seconds and then some more singing. I thought you listened to screamy bands like Black Veil Brides and all that :p It's not that bad though, I might cover it :p


    Haha awesome hamster :p:chuckle:


    :awesome: Maybeeeeeeeeee :D


    Awww you'll be fine with the other tests! Hmm I don't like Physics :p Aha we got to choose at the start of Year 10 what sciences we took!




    Awesome :awesome: That stone will go down in history haha!


    I did :D


    It was epic, you should go wherever we go next year with our friends :p




    Cool :D


    My day was good thanks, just chilling and studying :p


    Love you too!


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