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  1. Awwwww, I hope you get a good result!


    I might try and reply in a minute because I'm going to Coldplay today and I have to get ready! I'll reply to your PM tomorrow and I'll tell you all about the concert :D


    Ah you don't have to be a Coldplay fan to watch them, they're amazing live and the experience is just - wow!


    :chuckle: If he doesn't take anything seriously then I suppose it's quite entertaining! :p


    Aha thanks :p I played her Re-Wired by Kasabian and Arguing with Thermometers by Enter Shikari :DD Yeah Little Mix are ok as winners because they are always the most forgotten contestant! :p


    At least it was only the mock :) Aww that's sweet of Liam! Awwww :happy:


    My day was good thanks :) Going off later as I said (: I break up on the 23rd, which is only because Christmas is on a weekend this year :/ If it wasn't, I'd be on holiday already!


    How are you today? Weekend plans?


    Love you too!


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