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    I'm from Lisbon, Portugal. Little country with great wine, beaches, food and great people too.
    I'm studying to become a vet, since i love animals i guess that is a smart move xD
    I'm addicted to MUSE since 07, but i first heard about them in 06 and i must say that they didnt really impressed me, first song i listened to was starlight (dont worry, months later i made up for it eheh) Regarding MUSE i have to say that i'm kind of inlove with Dom and my friends mock me all the time because of this! But love conquers all, right?? :P He is just the most cute and interesting person i've ever seen (cant say met, YET XD)! Ok, so now who reads this is gonna get the stalker vibe, but its cool its Dom, so you have to forgive me :P
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    I love listening to music (obviously :P), travelling, writing (in Portuguese, so dont be surprised if you find spelling errors xD)! I also love surfing (the real deal and also the web), dancing but in the real meaning of the word, not just in clubs bcause thats not really dancing or is it??! hehe
    I also like reading, watching TV, go to the movies and I also love animals!! And i guess I'm a dog person (and a Dom person too xD)
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    there is no need to say but i'm gonna say it anyways! MUSE! Also, The Beatles, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Bob Dylan, Queen, Rage against the machine (that i started listening to coz of Dom!), Foo Fighters, The white stripes, Bullet for my valentine, Phoenix, Eric Clapton, AC DC, Oasis, Florence & the machine, Breaking Benjamin, Jamiroquai, Metallica and so many more!!
  • Favourite Films
    American History X, Fight Club (pretty much everything with Edward Norton i end up loving it eheh), Across the Universe (<3 The Beatles), Casablanca, The nightmare before Christmas, Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Woody rocks!) and a lot more!
  • Favourite TV Shows
    HOUSE, Supernatural (mostly because of Jensen lol), Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons, Dexter, Scubs, 30 Rock, How i met your mother; Mad Men and i really enjoy watching reruns of Fame and Ally McBeal :D
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    i only know their names in portuguese, but they are way too many to list anyway xD
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Showbiz, OoS, Abso, BHaR
    (and TR, Hullabaloo, HAARP but not originals)
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    06-06-2008 Portugal
    27-05-2010 Portugal

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  1. Uni would be really awesome if we didn't have all those projects! 3-4 projects per week it's too much, I skipped classes to make it :noey:

    U guys have more things to do obviously! I'll stop complaining about my uni right now :chuckle:


    :yesey: I'm glad u party a lot :D That's what uni life is all about! I don't like partying in the sense of going to dance clubs and stuff but I really love fun rock bars at night :awesome: I wish I could go every night, I've only had a night out 4 times since I got here :facepalm:

    I saw my highschool friends 3 days ago.It was weird :erm: We had a good time but we spent hours just trying to catch up, there are so many new things going on on our lives lately and it feels like there's a gap between us :( U can always keep in touch by chatting online or on mobiles :yesey:


    Breaks are needed. I had a break from Linkin Park the last 2 years but today I started listening to them again. Such an epic emotion! Arctics are great :happy: I LOVE ALEX TURNER (I hope Dom doesn't find out :LOL: )

    I bought 3 new cds. One is Tonight by Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian - West Ryder....Asylum and Kaiser Chiefs - Off with their heads. I went to the cd store just for fun and I saw they were on sale (7 euros each) so it was like they were begging me to buy them! And I did :D


    Yes, almost every weekend, it's too tiring, I just got back home but November is full of days off too so I'll keep it up :happy:


    I am ;) I met so many students I like, we hang out all the time. I by the time we'll get to know each other better and be real friends!


    In a few hours October will be over! Have a great November :kiss:

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