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  1. Hi all, I have searched the entire thread (Shhh :p) And some of these items were brought up but no final answers, wondering if there can be anyone new who would know? :)


    First off, the pants from the first two photos, and the belt from the second photo (Matt):






    Finally, the pants and jacket from this outfit: Also, the pants Matt wore at Rock Am Ring in 2004 were awesome!




    Hoping :) Thanks!


    Yeah! I'm also looking for the same items!


    Ps. I've ordered the shirt of the second photo from http://www.itailor.com :)


    do you have any news? belt belt!

  2. That link you posted has several pianos, if you wanted to learn SS on piano I would suggest learning it how this guy plays it
    It shouldn't be too hard if your an experienced pianist, which I am not :p But if you really want to learn the part you posted, go ahead.


    Yes! This piano version is very good! :)

  3. Oh that is such a shame, I just watched one of your videos. I know just how it feels to have a fairly decent video only for it to be completely ruined by the audio:(


    I took this using a Panasonic FZ18 (that's an old model, the newer FZs are far superior) in 2008. what a a song to be ruined too!:(:(






    This one is even worse!:stunned:






    If you enjoy filming gigs then it really is worth spending a bit extra and getting a good gig camera recommended by others. When I bought my FZ18 I don't think there were any compacts or bridge cameras around at the time which compare with the TZ7 I now own!


    Yes... :( Next time I will buy a better camera... maybe for Wembley...

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