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  1. Bad. This albums pop bore track.
  2. Alternative version is fucking massive, needs to open the shows.
  3. I'm lucky enough to be going to Reading as well as having gone to SBE, and can only hope that some of the rarities carry over and I get another crack at them!
  4. Just woke up. Holy hell what a night. Was my 15th Muse gig in 14 years and I think it may have dethroned Reading '06 and taken the crown as #1. That was special.
  5. I'd say TSP is way more rare than Ruled by Secrecy. They played RBS a few times around The Resistance tour. TSP and Endlessly haven't been played for years. My main reason though is in the interest of 'collecting' songs. I've seen both RBS and Endlessly, I haven't seen TSP. Having said that both would get a vote from me and I am 100% on board with an Absolution-based night.
  6. Same here, I've managed to see a lot of rare songs over the years so my votes would actually be quite different to some others. FAWY is the obvious choice for all, as is TSP.
  7. All jokes aside I wouldn't mind dig down, in my quest to 'collect' songs live I'll need to see it (although they'll play it at Reading...).
  8. Holy shit what a stressful cock up. After all that I get a ticket through a R&L ticket link from Reddit. It is worth noting that I have a Reading ticket, but I don't think it;s required (i;m pretty sure I bought Reading ticket through Seetickets).
  9. http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F0052E3CD9FD64D?did=rlpre&camefrom=CFC_MU1990_RANDL_NW227 Reading presale link. I just got one. GO.
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