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  1. :LOL::p Oooh, hi. Yes you can play Cello, that'd be :awesome:.

    Labyrinth, hee. Sozza, I will shut up about it now :$ But it's just there's this ace girl in it, called Sarah, and Hoggle who's a kind of goblin/troll thing (but friendly, if a bit surly) and some other creatures and they beat David Bowie. So most of it is about them doing that. He get's beaten, they win!! :awesome:. So you might like it.... :LOL: You could throw popcorn or stuff at the screen when he's on. Bad ole David Bowie.... :ninja:.

    Yep I am left-handed. T'new Dom? But, but no. What would happen to the old Dom? :eek: :eek: . He's too ace to EVER replace :yesey:. Mabel, on t'other hand (oooh, pun), can be shoved off the nearest cliff no problems :rolleyes::LOL:. Oooh that was mean. Sorry :$


    I know what you mean, you like them and like them and stuff, but I think finally it's kinda getting to the point of no return for me with it. I can do other things, my own music and stuff, and there's a lot happening here that I've been kind of ignoring but that I could do if I get some more confidence and stuff. I waited weeks for Muse dates and stuff etc etc, weeks and weeks just sitting around. I really really resent Mabel having that kind of thing over me. It's like, feck off, you're not keeping me waiting on anything. Erase and rewind. (I know it's a biiiig huge thing and everything, (like Muse, muse, muse *bannersignsmiley) but yes, I really can walk away, not get the album, not going to any gigs, just cancel it all in my life. It'd be sad, sure, but I get soooo angry if I think about it properly, like pissing around with codes and stuff and it's all just a big joke isn't it Mabel...Only it's really really not. It's just very very sad. I never heard Muse before last autumn. Just kinda disappointed really I guess. I thought were the greatest band in the world. My mistake.)

    Anyway, :dance: There's too much good stuff in life to let yourself be bothered with other people's stupidness :yesey:.

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