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  1. Oooh, you have stuffages to do too :LOL:.

    Glad you go tickets. I didn't book any :eek::D:LOL:. Kinda, I dunno. Not going, laugh out loud :LOL:. "Oooh, tickets..." Er, nope. Might not even listen to the album. I mean, messed everything around so much, all the delays and that. Kinda fed up of the whole Muse syndrome thing :mad:. Yes I know you'll be like :eek::mad:, but I am standing my ground. Not running after Muse like a little fairy, ohh nope *shakes head in glee*. Album? So what *shrug*. I just pop in here to say hi to you and check Doms blog thing.

    Gonna start my own band :chuckle:. Called 'IlluminationFascination'. First album's gonna be called Illumina'. Might take a few months to get going but ya never know, ya might be coming to see us next year instead of Muse :rolleyes:. I can sing, you see. I thought I couldn't, but then I realised what I was doing wrong, and now I can. I can do sooo many different voice styles :happy:. I was like, woh :eek:. Now I just need to get a good guitar and throw a band together, just need a drummer, second guitarist and bassist and we're away....:D


    nightnight :happy::p

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