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  1. I would be interested to know how many tickets SJM (who I believe is the promoter for Muse concerts) allocated to viagogo and seatwave? There were on the list of promoters on the despatches programme known to make deals with secondary sites so I am curious to know how many 1000's of tickets never ever went up during the general sale and were given to viagogo and seatwave to sell at extortionate prices.


    Something tells me we won't have an answer to that.




    For anyone who hasn't read it, this is a really interesting article.

  2. Just out of curiosity Sam, is there anyway management would be able to remove tout listing on ebay or is that beyond your control


    I'd like to hear the answer to this too. I believe technically, the gig ticket is 'owned' by the retailer - whether that be Muse's management, SJM or the venue itself I don't know - and they have the right to cancel or withdraw that ticket at any time.


    As to whether eBay/Viagogo/GetMeIn would share customer information etc with Muse's management; that is another question. I suspect that due to the data protection act, this wouldn't be allowed, unless there were mitigating circumstances (e.g. counterfeit tickets). It's such a depressing situation.

  3. It's really nice to have some kind of acknowledgement from your side that things didn't go as smoothly as hoped. Perhaps I am speaking for myself, alone here but I'm so used to things going wrong in situations like this and management just turning a blind eye. It's good to feel like you're listening and want to try and make it work next time.


    I had a really, really awful experience with Crowdsurge. First of all, I do not understand why confirmation of entrance into the lottery didn't come with an email notification which had your reference code on there. Seems daft. I also had problems trying to book tickets in Internet Explorer - yeah I know, who uses that any more etc etc, but unfortunately at work, it's all I have access to. And even if majority don't use the browser, it still seems stupid that the website wouldn't work with it.


    Once I had my ticket application sorted - a headache in itself as trying to organise who wanted to go to which gigs and how many presale applications we needed to submit was horrendous - I waited to hear back about my application status. I got nothing. I submitted two tickets through Crowdsurge's website yesterday afternoon, and emailed them twice - once on my personal email address, and once on my work. Eventually, at 10pm last night I got fed up of waiting and decided to call them. The guy I spoke to on the phone told me that my application had been unsuccessful - OK, that's fine, I understand - but when I queried why I hadn't received an email confirming this in the first place, and consequently, why none of my emails/tickets had been followed up on, he tried to blame it on gmail, saying that they blocked Crowdsurge emails sometimes. Aside from the fact that this statement is incorrect - many people had contact with Crowdsurge through gmail and experienced no problems - but as soon as my phonecall had ended, I received a follow up to one of my tickets, saying that my application had been unsuccessful - received through my gmail. More to the point, if this excuse by Crowdsurge had some basis of truth, why were we not told at any point in the ballot process that gmail can sometimes be problematic? It seems silly at best, and unbelievable at worst.


    I also did not receive the early bird sale link today, due to the fact that my official 'you didn't get tickets, sorry' email still has not come through (and is not in my junk mail). It was only through kind-hearted friends, and gigs and tours's incompetency that I got the pre-sale link this morning.


    I was upset to see people on twitter who hadn't had it made clear to them that funds might not be released in time after the ballot for them to buy tickets in the general sale today, and were consequently unable to buy tickets at all. That really sucks for those guys. Perhaps more time could have been left between pre-sale and general sale to allow for these funds to be released on time? It just seems like a band who spend so much time going on about fat cats could have more consideration for fans who don't have piles of cash on hand in case of a last-minute tour announcement.


    I know that the ballot was really as fair as it can be (although if truth be told, I preferred the unique code system used on the last tour which seemed far more efficient, and perhaps muse.mu registrations could have been suspended for a period after the pre-sale was opened), but the process was a headache, and having to put up with Crowdsurge lying to their customers was pretty uncool. But you live and learn.

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