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Chris promoting the National Sales Center

Problematique MX

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I thought I was seeing things when this surfaced on my twitterthing... hahaha!


A guy that never says a word on stage is doing a commercial... :LOL:


This is an ad, isn't it? :unsure:


Chris is being quite chatty/sociable/friendly/amiable - and EVERYWHERE. Which is a Good Thing. :D Don't forget he'll be absent next month due to imminent sprog. Aw I'll miss him.:(


His expression in-between the 5 to 6-second mark. :erm::awesome:


Excellent ad. :LOL:


Actually his whole self throughout is priceless :):erm::chuckle::pimp::$ but still :cool::chris:


It's things like this that cheer up a dark autumn morning:happy:

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