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That is a shit tab and not at all what he's asking for :LOL:



I haven't tried this tab and am not sure if it is right but at least it's more relevant to what Johnathon was asking for




Great, that seems to work pretty well. Thanks.

Now just need some ideas on the first part.

http://musewiki.org/Time_Is_Running_Out_(tablature) seems to have it tabbed out but it doesn't really sound anything like it.

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You can't find the exact tab you want because you are looking for one specific performance of a song that has been played for almost 8 years now. (Holy shit time flies :eek:).


The other issue is that this song was only played for a short time with an actual guitar solo, after that Matt moved to the Kaoss Pad solo, and has pretty much been like that ever since.


The video you linked sounds like Fuzz, but someone may know better than I on specifics. There are so many different versions of this song, with so many different effects, you just need to experiment with what you have available.

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Just try messing about to figure out what he's playing, it's not very complicated so shouldn't be too hard to get. :)


The effect is probably a fuzz factory DI'd but I'm not certain


E;10358054']Not sure if it's been done yet but I am struggling to find a link.

Sunburn Radio 1



I figured out the intro part and a bit of the outro, I'll type it in here when I've got time

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I was revisiting the No One Knows solo and was wondering what exactly Josh is playing.


Tried looking at the footage from Glastonbury, but it's too fast.






Something like this?

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This was posted a while back and seems pretty accurate


Solo is






And is a massive bitch to play, still can't get it to sound totally clean


s = slide, p = pull-off, although I think he's sliding all of it, that's just the way I play it


Really difficult to do all slides though

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I'm sure it's very simple but I can't figure out the harmonics Matt is playing live during the intro of Supermassive.

Examples here or


Thanks in advance!


3rd fret harmonics on the D -> A -> E string. D is just before 3rd fret, A is pretty much right on top of 3rd fret, E is just past 3rd fret.

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