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Dom talking about Dr. Who. :happy: It's a shame he doesn't watch the newest one.


He's been seeing and feeling Drunk Girls aye? :eyebrows::chuckle:


"Can we talk about Twilight for a minute?"


"... sure..."


He didn't sound too impressed. They seem to get asked that question all the time. :LOL:

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Dom! Oh Wow! Teignmouth festival. Would definitely go to a Muse organised festival even though I live at the either side of the country. :D


Tom Baker was my Dr Who era too, well I have to admit with a bit of John Pertwee! LOL! Mainly Tom Baker though. But I revisited with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant and it really isn't that naff, Dom. I wonder if he has looked at Torchwood. I wonder if its more up Matt's tree. I wonder if Matt watches. :)


PS Thanks for posting Ju.:)


PPS Enjoyed Dom's music choices. :)

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