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7 years of bliss.. [video]


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Does anyone know if I can find a pro mp3 of Bliss that has the falsetto flourish he does in the Hullabaloo one at about 1:18 with an extended outro?


I like the Hullabaloo one but the extended part gets messed up because Matt's jumping around hitting balloons and I really really like the extended part

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That was brilliant! Really well edited :happy: This really is one of their best songs, and just one of the best songs in general... I'm still SOOOO happy they played it at Wembley! It was an amazing performance!


And the MM vid is brill, too... why can't they play some more of their classics?! :( They're a million times better live!


Edit: I kept thinking that MM track was from Earls Court, but it's the Glasto one :happy: (I prefer Earls Court this time :p) Still working out which Bliss he used, lol.

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