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STRANGE muse coincidences


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"I wasn't involved, but there was a transsexual named Pete and a dildo. Pete sat on your lap for quite a while, didn't he Dom?"




not really a coincedence but I was looking through some magazines and I saw that, and it made me lol :LOL:

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Woah.. something just dawned on me


I have a friend... shock horror for a start, who slept round a week ago, and within the 24/36 hours she was with me, I heard muse played somewhere..


That virtually never happens, so they played soemthing on the radio (a poppy starlightish one i think, she likes it anyway) and then it was on the HITS or soemthing ridiculous, and it was TIRO, and they also had a muse song on top gear


she wins.. she really does


And also, whilst getting ready to go and meet MQ for our muse night, I was putting my pullover on in the kitchen as the "raaaaadioo oneee" sigh-type jingle thing went over the airways i thought to myself "mmm they never paly enough muse, mm yeah.. i wish they would play muse more. they arent "big" enough i suppose"


Invincible came on :stunned: I think i shouted "OMG " at the radio...


I had moar but i forgets

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driving through chichester the other day listening to muse on thy stereo when...at the traffic lights a tramp came up to us and started singing starlight at us...and then went great song i love teh muse...if only i had a stereo to listen to them all the time...

not really a coinkydink...but....muse related...i felt sorry for the tramp but didnt have enough money to buy him a stereo....


but also everytime i go out and im wearing my muse tee a bar tender or waitress always is overly nice and gives me discounts and such like in the vinters in worthing the barmaid gave me a free vodka coke cos i had my muse tee on.....its like a secret society...a cult if you will...:eek::happy:

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Hoodoo and Invincible has the same lyric. The woman on the cover of the Supermassive Black Hole CD looks like Amy Winehouse.


Oh, personal... oops... er...


I think drawing on my veins maybe one (though that was after) and that I had a like for glitter before finding out about the Glitterati Manson and the sparkly pants.

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im trying to think now


i have my birthday on the 2nd of december like christopher.


umm my favorite cheese in Brie which is was aloooooooooooooooooong time before i knew muse exisited


I've loved dali artwork for years and years before i was into muse


and onced they happened to be in Wembley stadium at the same time as me which was bit odd!!:LOL::LOL:

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Guest Lemon Tango

One time I went on micro cuts MuseTV to watch a vid and it came up with the one I wanted to watch randomly.


Bit lame I know.


Oh and one time I was at a friends and he was showing me his new keyboard. I played a bit of muse and then he showed me the preset song voices that came with the keyboard. One was House of the Rising Sun and another was Telstar!

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well, the concert i went to before muse (months before, but anyways) was Ennio Morricone.




(sorry, i really love his music)


and also the first time i listened to knights of cydonia, it completely reminded me of Ennio Morricone's music. Then i saw an interview with matt where he said that he was inspired by him.


there are more, but i cant remember.


the boat one is amazing :D

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i have strange MUSE coincidences ALL the time! thank you for making this thread! :D


well today i started listening to Starlight on my Ipod, then turned it off as i started to drive..and guess what was on Kerrang! Radio: STARLIGHT!!!!!



i alsways catch MUSE on the radio, and there have been lots of times when i turn the TV on its something like 'Top 10 MUSE songs' etc


Also one day i decided to tune ito radio 1 (i usually listen to Kerrang..) and guess what was on...


they were doing the BIOGRAPHY OF MUSE!!!!!!! and they had clips of interviews and everythin, and it was 3 hours long...ahh 3 hours of nothing but MUSE :D.


I must be doing something right to be blessed with all these beautiful coincidencec :p


Also i was into conspiracy theories and into philosphy before i was 'enlightened' by MUSE...so that was cool.

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I was looking around sites on the internet trying to find a new decent guitar and I found one that was in the shape of a manson and was all black. I also heard that Yamaha Pacifica's were good guitars and are good value for money. So of course I thought 'I'm definately gonna get that'.


Then about a month later I was on Musewiki and came across the 'gear' section and was thinking wow this is gonna be really interesting. Then of course, I came across the Yamaha Pacfica guitar and was extremley shocked that Matt used it in 1999.

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i was always trying to get my hands on silver converses.

then i found out that they were part of Dom's outfit right around the time i became a Muser.


now i REALLY want them.





Dom wears Silver Converse, not Matt ;)

I've been trying to get Silver Converse for over a year now :indiff: they don't sell them in the UK :indiff::(

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