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4 pro-shots from Fuji Rock 2010


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These are superb videos! I remember at the time, this show was supposed to have been sub-par or low energy. I think I remember reading something about Dom looking upset?


Boy was that wrong! Both Matt & Dom looked like they were having a ball (and Chris his usual badass self). SS & Knights looked great!

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holy crap' date=' listen to Dom go at the end of KoC :eek: (7:53 onward) :awesome:[/quote']


this has to be the video that best showcases Dom's drumming for this song that I've ever seen :awesome:


It cuts to him during all of his cool drum bits (my terminology sucks!! haha) and then he's going ape at the end! Plus, we get to see some awesome pro-shot of his gorgeous wetsuit :stongue:


Definitely will be downloading this!!

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