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USoE cover in Czech/Slovak Talent Show, Talentmania 2010


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Sorry for the bad quality, but couldn't find anything else. This Czech guy, Tomas, decided to play USoE in Czech-Slovak talent show a week ago. In my opinion, he did very good, with just his voice and piano. Very emotional.

In the end he got through into the next round, but it was a close one. The judge on the right (famous czech model Alena Seredova, who by the way is living with Italian national goalkeeper Buffon) said that she had a hard time paying attention because the song didn't really catch her attention and didn't find it interesting. She said that it was a bad choice of song :) .

But the guy judge in the middle said that he knows the song and that Muse isn't a pop band and their music is special, not digestible for everyone, that it's only for smart listeners (implying Alena is a stupid model :) ).



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