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UFO Uprising concert in Denver coincides with extraterrestrial Ballot Initiative


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Article on the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission initiative and its connection with Muse's concert (and song lyrics) in the city on October 2nd.




On October 2, the popular British Rock group Muse travels to Denver for a concert that is part of their North American Resistance Tour. Muse is best known for its number one hit Uprising and other songs featuring themes of revolutionary change, ending UFO secrecy, and government mind control. In their recent two night concert stint in Wembley, England before a combined audience of 150,000, a giant UFO appeared as a prop with Muse singing Exo-gensis from their 2009 Resistance album. Muse’s Resistance Tour arrives in Denver during a truly revolutionary event. The proposed creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission through a ballot initiative officially titled Initiative 300. The brainchild of Denver City resident Jeff Peckman, Initiative 300 aims to educate the citizens of Denver about issues concerning extraterrestrial life. Debate about Peckman’s Extraterrestrial Commission heats up around the same time as Muse’s Resistance Tour hits town to inspire a North American uprising against UFO secrecy.


Muse is a three person rock band with a number of songs referring to government secrecy over UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The most explicit was titled exo-politics and featured on their 2006 album, Black Holes and Revelations. The exo-politics song featured lyrics about a false flag operation where the government would imitate the Zeta, extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticulum, in a staged invasion.


When the Zetas fill the skies

it’s just our leaders in disguise

fully loaded satellites

will conquer nothing but our minds. (Exo-politics)


Such a scenario is not far fetched as evidenced by Dr Carol Rosin who has claimed that a staged alien invasion was privately revealed to her by Dr Wernher Von Braun shortly before his death in 1977. According to Rosin, Von Braun warned that an extraterrestrial invasion would be staged after a shadowy transnational governmental corporate group had exhausted other threats to manipulate the world public. These were successively international communism, rogue nations, global terrorism, and asteroids.


In its latest album, Resistance, Muse advocates full scale uprising against government institutions hiding the truth behind UFOs and its nefarious mind control activities. The lyrics in its number one hit single Uprising, which won an MTV award for special effects on Sept 11, 2010, says it all:


Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed

And all the, Green belts wrapped around our minds

And endless, red tape to keep the truth confined

(so come on)

They will not force us

They will stop degrading us

They will not control us

We will be victorious

so come on


Muse’s popularity and influence as a cultural force can’t be underestimated. The revealing lyrics and revolutionary fervor have hit a chord with a generation of youth disenchanted with government lies over UFOs and mind control to dampen down public awareness. With over 350,000 followers on Twitter, Muse could easily inspire the revolutionary fervor featured in its song lyrics.


Peckman’s (exopolitical) approach is less confrontational than Muse’s clarion call of revolutionary uprising against a global system designed to keep the public in the dark about the truth behind UFOs and mind control. Peckman wants to begin with a modest educational reform program led by local governments in control of Extraterrestrial Affairs Commissions. He has created an eight page education ‘newspaper’ that will printed for mass public distribution during the run up to the November 2010 election. In it he cites a book by Michael Luckman, Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection, that reveals how earlier rock stars such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson were strong supporters of government coming clean about the extraterrestrial origins of UFOs. Luckman’s book goes into great detail into why Presley, Jackson along with John Lennon, David Bowie and other rock stars became fascinated by UFOs and the extraterrestrial issue. Peckman designed his extraterrestrial initiative (officially called Initiative 300) so it wouldn’t cost Denver tax payers a dime. Still, opponents with the help of the mainstream media are distorting the intent behind Peckman’s Initiative 300, and claiming the City of Denver can’t afford such a Commission in the present economic climate.


Despite strident opposition from skeptics and even some UFO groups, Peckman succeeded in getting his initiative on to the November elections ballot. If the initiative is passed, the resulting Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission will spark a series of similar local government initiatives. While the odds have been against him from the start, Peckman’s muses have smiled upon him so far. Muse’s Denver Resistance concert comes just in time for Peckman’s ballot efforts, and may kickstart a real UFO uprising!




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Something odd about the article. It seems to repeat the same thing over and over again, like an advert.


No kidding... but it's not really a journalistic "article" at all (more a P.R. release), seeing as how it's from something called the "Exopolitics Institute".


"False flag" ops, indeed.


The best outcome from all this that I can see happening is that Trey Parker and Matt Stone will devote an episode of "South Park" to this initiative and the guy behind it (with a reprise of a real Zeta satellite dish popping out of Cartman's ass).


But if anyone's really interested in this general subject, in lieu of waiting for a "SP" ep that might never materialize, I recommend the political satire Little Green Men by Christopher Buckley (who also wrote Thank You For Smoking). LGM is about an amateurishly-run U.S. govt. false-flag ET program which kidnaps (and probes) sundry citizens for a shadowy purpose. Only the program runs into some unexpected difficulties after its ops kidnap a famous conservative pundit...

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