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Wembley Photos and Footage (both dates)


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Here's my first of six vids from an epic night at Wembley. Guiding Light (complete) 10 September 2010, with confetti and streamers cascading over the pitch audience. Filmed in High Definition from the front row of the unreserved seats close to the stage. Click through for HD ...



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I think it's more likely to be Chris's (well a lot of it. Haven't listened to it all yet, KoC is possibly, Matt's) but Chris is the one who will need to hear himself sing clearly. He has a lovely voice btw.


I think there are a few songs from Matt's "hears" and another ones from Chris', can't tell which ones but there are some songs where you clearly hear Matt over Chris, and the opposite for Chris!

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I got a few pictures, not the greatest, cause i couldnt keep my camera still.

They're from the 11th.


and some videos... excuse my screaming and jumping around. Im sure you will all understand :p


- Time is running out


- Citizen Erased


- Hysteria


- Mk Ultra.


^ those are mine :)


and i have some that my mom took for level 5... The picture isnt good, but the sound is of a good standard, as you can still hear it. Some videos are'nt full songs, cause she stopped recording. -.-


- Stockholm Syndrome


- Drum and Base Jam


- Take a Bow


- Map Of The Problematique


- Knights of Cydonia


- Supermassive Black Hole
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