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I'm looking for 'Lowlands Festival 2000 / 2001 HQ DVD of VHS'

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Hi there. I'm Yoon, Bootleg DVD collector.


I'm looking for these:


Muse - Lowlands Festival 2000-08-27, Hasslet, Holland

Muse - Lowlands Festival 2001-08-24, Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands


PRO-Shot DVD or VHS or HQ MPEG2 file.



I've got just 3 songs of 2000 show (Uno, Unintended, Muscle Museum), 2 interview lossy video files. (all files available here) and 2001 show (Plug in baby (VCD), Feeling good (SVCD)


If anyone have this gigs files, please give me e-mail: ryushike(@)gmail.com



And then, I've some new Rare DVD in year 2001~2002. so I hope trade Lowlands 2000 / 2001 video to my DVD.



Have a good day



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Lowlands Festival is every year at Biddinghuizen. Not Hasselt wich is Belgium :LOL:


oops it's my mistake :) i'd just copied from musewiki ;)

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