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Designers of album covers


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For my graphics coursework i am researching designers/photographers of album covers. I'm researching storm thorgerson and Rupert truman. I assume they worked together with some work (some muse, biffy clyro and other atrists albums I think) because they have some of the same pieces of their websites. I'm checking with you guys that they did so I don't cock up my GCSE :p


thanks :)

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good luck, here's some help!

Tanya Andrews did the Showbiz artwork together with Matt Bellamy

William Eagar did Origin of Symmetry, but all single artworks are by different people, but all pics being called origin of symmetry

Storm Thorgsen did Absolution and most singles,

Storm also did Black Holes and Revelations, but the singles were by Jasper Goodall

La Boca did the Resistance and all related artworks



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thanks guys :)

just wondering about whether Thorgerson and Truman collaborated on album covers because if I recall corrctly I think they had a few of the same album covers on their websites. And on wiki they are listed as both doing the cover. I just wondered if Thorgerson designed and Truman photographed?? :/

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