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Australian Supports Announced


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4f01303b-c4c7-4e76-95d3-84cc4ea8818e.jpgWe're very pleased to announce that Biffy Clyro and Dead Letter Circus will be supporting Muse in Australia this December.


Biffy will join the band at their shows in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth while Dead Letter Circus will support Muse in Brisbane.




Click on the individual tour dates below for more info and to buy tickets.




Check out Biffy Clyro at their website here.


Check out Dead Letter Circus at their website here.








Source: http://muse.mu/news/article/695/australian-supports-announced/

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Biffy in Aus as well eh? Good stuff. They should enjoy it! I'm starting to come round to Biffy, after initially hating them. Pretty good timing as they'll be at Wembley!


Enjoy Aussies, and those who travel from abroad :happy:


yeah... I'm really not a fan of Biffy... oh well, guess I'll get to see them live.. twice haha

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I better listen up on this 'Biffy' fellow


Hope that was a joke. Biffy are a group. And whatever anyone tells you, they're phenominal - or at least used to be.


DLC are a great band too, but I'd love it if Muse got Karnivool to support them some time, in Australia or here.

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