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Resistance tour, live in Seattle 2010

Claudia O

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As a thread for this gig is not here anymore … 

I stumbled across this gig on yt, never seen it before, it‘s great! It looks like a production by Muse, directed by Tom , was this released somewhere, or did it just air on tv back then? Btw, those towers looked great, and they played Exo 1 there 😦 plus Ruled by secrecy which I love and Unnatural selection, another gem. Wish I were already a fan back then …. 

who saw gigs of this tour? 

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Resistance Tour: I saw them at Teignmouth on 5/9/09 (pre-cursor to tour), O2 Arena on 13/11/09 and Wembley Stadium on 11/9/10. MK Ultra X2!!!  

I preferred the stage for the arena shows, with the 3 towers ascending and descending. 

Will have to check out the YouTube gig. Think they did film some shows as Resistance video used footage from one of them.

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