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„Absolution XX Anniversary“ box set

Claudia O

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What do you think? 

It‘s great they are celebrating this great album, on CD the production is err … so poor! I bought it on vinyl last year I think, and it‘s so much better sounding! I have to say I‘m no fan of the OOS XX anniversary edition and I never bought it. If they changed the songs now on Abso like they did it on OOS :twitchy: ….. 

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On 9/23/2023 at 9:35 PM, Citizen Erased 01 said:

No bsides? No disc only version? Why is this band becoming (in my opinion) everything that they've ever stood against. Very expensive box set for meh.

Although I am sure that the vinyl could sound better, sadly and with 2 battling young children around the house, I am no longer set up for a vinyl soundfest. I agree that a modest CD pack with the relevant b-sides etc would be a great under £20 option… for me £128 would be money not well spent on a lot of superfluous items I don’t really need. Maybe a more sensible version will appear?

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Apocalypse please - keyboard and vocals: beautiful!!! Yes, the bombast is missing a bit, but I love pianos in songs!!

Time is running out - live at The Wiltern 2004:  we need a live album plus DVD !!!!  Always a killer live 😎

Sing for absolution - live at The Antic Arena 2004: „…tiptoe to your room..“ love that line. Would love to see it live one day👏much bass.. I like the guitar tone at the end!

Falling away with you - demo: oh! ok, the scratching with the guitar is not my thing, but then… wow ! :love: and then .. lol … thx for releasing this! :matt:

Hysteria - demo: give me complete control??? Ok … interesting! I prefer the original, but such demos or early versions are very interesting! Muse should release (or film) a making of in the studio, like the Beatles „Get back“ movie :love:

Hytseria - live at Earls Court 2004: „woah“ .. sung with more emotion than nowadays :matt: bass is excellent as always :chris: and the drumming, least we forget :dom:

Blackout - live at the Antic Arena 2004: hm, imho I prefer the Wembley version from the DVD, don‘t come @ me …

Butterflies & hurricanes - vocal, keyboard, strings: lovely but something’s missing  😄

Endlessly - live at The Columbiahalle, Berlin 2003: not sure if the song works live that well .. but Halloween-style keyboard chords! 👍

TOADA - live at The Wiltern Theatre 2004 (did they record the full show :awesome: ?): no fan of this song, but great performance!!

Ruled by secrecy - vocals and keyboard only: I love this song! It‘s even more atmospheric here .. again, I adore piano :love: please play this version live !! 


well, let’s hear your opnion then !

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I didn’t know it would be released in Atmos 3D on Amazon music! Gonna go home and try it on my system later, looking forward to it.

As for the bonuses and extras…


I like stripped down RBS. 

The B&H single was released with some fun gimmicky software to remove tracks back in the day, so everyone created the without-guitar version back then already. 

I’ve heard many great live versions of all of these songs. They were at their peak then as a three piece, so it’s nice to hear what they’ve included, but it’s nothing I haven’t heard before or will sit down to listen to again. 

The Hysteria demo is an interesting peek into the song’s development. 

I haven no idea why that FAWY demo is included. 

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I purchased the box set and enjoyed the very informative interview with the band and the producer, the photos, and the extras and demos especially B&H, RBS, and the live versions of SfA and Blackout recorded at the Ancient Theatre of Vienne in France in 2004. That venue was constructed by the Romans in Gaul between 40-50 A.D.

An overview/synopsis below of the album and why it deserves to be considered one of the magnum opuses of the MUSE repertoire: 


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