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those shoes are common no?


I was thinking the same thing :unsure:

They look a lot like K-Swiss, although these ones are probably double in price... And I still don't like them too much :$


He should go for Onitsuka Tigers or something :)

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Yeah matt has an aweosme red and white one.

This one:





Okay, stupid remark of the day:

I only noticed this now, but is he wearing a watch or what?

Never ever seen him with a watch before, not that it's such a big deal but anyway :LOL:

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Any good? Nice and pricey, too... :(


Wow omg you found the ACTUAL pair! :eek: I should have figured they'd be dior homme :rolleyes:..the number of times I've typed 'silver sparkle jeans' in eBay and got nothing :LOL::$


Thanks for the link.. I missed out on them lol but they are obv waaay too pricey, I want them but not That bad. I did get a pair of silver jeans from New Look recently, v similar but without glittery/sparkle effect, still v cool though :happy:

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About that red suit Matt wears...


found this one .. it's the Exact same but in blue, meaning his is most certainly Dior Homme (as pretty much 99% of their clothes are lol!) I wouldn't be surprised if all of Dom's coloured jeans were DH as well (even though they're fairly easy to find in high street stores these days ;)) .. but Matt is the homme advocate for definite! If you've got a spare few grand lying around then you should be sorted :stunned::LOL:

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Guest Wiliamthebloodie

At first, sorry but I didn't find anything with the search function, so I made that thread. I wanted to ask, if anybody know, where I can buy a coat like that one he's wearing in the starlight music video? I hope anyone knows it.





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