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The Wiltern Show October 4


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I doubt the band will read this, but I hope they do.  I am super dissapointed.  I am a super fan.  I have been to all of their tours since Absolution, including traveling internationally for one of them.  The show at the Wiltern was billed as a special 7 show series.  I paid big big dollars to go to the show becuase I felt I would regret not being there.   They didn't play any longer or really do much of anything special.  It felt like a precursor to the full Will of the People tour.  If I would have know that, the money I spent for this show, up in the balconly, I could have had front row at the upcoming tour.  I love MUSE so much, but I literally left the concert crying because I felt cheated.  It also wasn't clear that the bottom level was going to be seating.  It made all the seats up in the balcony even more expensive.  the sound up there was terrible and couldn't really see that well either.  

I'm still planning to go to the new tour, just hope they know they left fans dissapointed on this 'special' show.  Not only that, as a woman, it would be nice if they would have merchandise for us too.  

Thanks, Jen

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