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Most powerful album closer?  

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  1. 1. Most powerful album closer?

    • Hate This And I'll Love You
    • Megalomania
    • Ruled By Secrecy
    • Knights Of Cydonia
    • Exogenesis Symphony

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Hate This And I'll Love You


Ruled By Secrecy

Knights Of Cydonia

Exo-Genesis Symphony (I-III)


I ask this just out of curiosity on a general scale, what would people say is their most powerful closer? for me there's nothing in it.

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Knights' date=' definitely.[/quote']


mm true I guess, in some ways I think it is the most abstract song, I guess when you are writing about something completely irrelevant it is easy to make it feel big, if you know what I mean.

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Exogensis is definitely the most beautiful, I think the closers get better with each album. But the last three closers are all very close power-wise, in my opinion.


try...I think part 2 of exo-genesis is a complete tank. so powerful, and part 3 could probably reduce most muse fans to tears :L can't argue that they are becoming more skilled as they progress with time though

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if i am going to inject my own opinion i would say megalomania or ruled by secrecy, they are both songs which make you think. and hate this and i'll love you is powerful on a personal level, but not in the same way really, liking the opinions guys...

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