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Muse interview I'm looking for.


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Hi all, I'm trying to find a video interview where each of the members of Muse listens to a few songs and gives their thoughts on it. Kind of like this Geddy Lee interview. I remember this in particular because Chris winces hard when listening to "Save Me," one of the songs they played. I can't find it on YouTube, and I'm starting to be convinced that I just imagined the whole thing. Do any of you know what publication may have posted it or, better yet, the source? Thanks in advance!

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7 hours ago, Claudia O said:

I think it‘s from Deezer? But it‘s not on yt anymore ..

Or is it like this one, but there‘s no Chris.


That's a nice find, although that's not the interview I was thinking of. However, you were right that it was Deezer--I searched for "Muse Deezer" and found that someone reuploaded it on Vimeo. This interview is exactly what I was thinking of! (No idea how to insert embeds into my posts, but the link should work.)

Thanks for helping me find this one! At 7:26, Chris winced as much as I remembered when listening to "Save Me," lul.

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