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WOTP NFT Release


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There's been an announcement that the band are to release an NFT version of WOTP, you can read about it in this article

Personally, I find it a shortsighted cash grab and an opportunity to be massively manipulated, exploited and exclusionary.

To give a better account of this, check out This twitter thread from Alan Graham who's way better placed to discuss the issues based on his industry & tech experience.

I'm wondering how fans feel about this?

Do you know much about NFTs and the touted benefits that come with the proposition? In the case of the WOTP album:

"The Muse NFT album will retail for £20 and will be limited to 1,000 copies globally. As both an NFT and a limited-edition format, it is relatively sparse in its offering. Buyers will get a downloadable version of the album – complete with different sleeve – as high-res FLAC files; the members of Muse will digitally sign it and each of the 1,000 buyers will have their names permanently listed on the linked roster of purchasers." 

Is this something that you'd buy? 

With a limit to 1000 pieces, do you see it as a potential investment? By comparison, I've always wanted to get my hands on the MUSE EP - its tangible, a real thing with real, limited numbers in thew world but I've never seen the benefit of legally owning what is essentially a digital receipt. If someone buys this, they could pass anybody copies of the FLAC files. Now, of course there is the opportunity to resell it in the future but what needs to happen to make it valuable enough that somebody would want to purchase it. 

In case you didn't read the article, from a commercial POV, Warner/MUSE would receive 15% of any future resales - what's stopping somebody coming with a way to manipulate the value to encourage resale and commercially cash in, in the future?

I appreciate my take on this is entirely biased because I don't like the current NFT market and how its being shaped.

Interest to know what others think and if you see some positives that I'm missing.

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