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Scalpers and pre-sale codes problems

Ella Katt

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How many went in to purchase tips for the pre-sale show for October 4 in Lis AngelesAngeles and had problems getting your transaction completed although you had meet all requirements as a fan, then given access to purchase scalped tickets?

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I had so many of my transactions freeze up on checkout! 🥺 I had a low number in the queue so I figured my chances were pretty good. My transactions froze up three times and I would see what I wanted was now tripled as Official Platinum. 😤 platinum pricing is the worst.  I was aiming for lodge.

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4 hours ago, JessicaSarahS said:

I had that error when I first tried too. I had to clear out my browser data/cookies to get it to take again. Very odd. :(

I couldn't even get in on my browser, I was using the TIXR app. Of course, you can't get in touch with anyone. Not that I expect anything at this point, but it's just BS. So hopefully I can get them when they go on sale tomorrow. (not holding my breath) and I can't even imagine what resale prices are going to be. 

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On 8/16/2022 at 8:39 PM, tatikiki66 said:


Je ne trouve pas mon code de pré-vente pour réserver des places de concert, celui-ci n'est plus sur mon espace, comment le récupérer ?



Les codes avaient été reçus par mail, ils n'apparaissaient pas dans l'espace membre. Ils seront sans doute envoyés quelques jours (ou plutôt heures) avant la prévente.

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