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The 2nd Law: Isolated System ("official" voiceless instrumental)


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Hello. I have a little question. I stumbled upon youtube on videos with the track "The 2nd Law: Isolated System" without the voices that you can hear in the background at some moments in the track. The people who posted these videos claim that this is an "official instrumental" version. However I looked everywhere, I could not find any official reference of this track without these voice overs. From then on I wondered if it may be a fan who would have used a filter to remove the vocals rather than an official version. And if this is ever a truly official version, where can I purchase it? I've searched for it on different online shops but it seems to not be available. Not even a reference to it. It seems that all online shops have the same version with the voices. Some people said me it is an official version but not available commercially. Therefore where did they get it and how to get it myself? (I know I can download it from youtube, which I did already, but I would like it in a lossless format). Do you know where I can find/purchase it in flac format? Seems all online shops have the same version with the voices... but not the one without them. My intention is to work on an extended version of the track that would mix both the voices versions and the voiceless versions but mixing a poor mp3 with a 24bit audio won't make it very well.

Thanks in advance.

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