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Muse Music Used to Promote Ani-Vaxxer Agenda on YouTube


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David Hogan; a United Airlines employee, anti-vaxxer, vocal QAnon supporter, and pastor in Spring, Texas used the song "Uprising" on his YouTube channel for his town hall meeting livestream where he gave instruction to those attending and watching online to act out and protest against airline companies and other companies requiring their employees to be vaccinated from COVID-19.

Link to the video here.  Song plays in its entirety at very beginning.

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Well, go him! Standing up for truth and freedom of choice! And it’s not QAnon, it’s just Q and their followers are Anons. Q is in by the good side of the military and some very important people, such as the Kennedys. Look at the grave sites of President Kennedy, Princess Diana and Micheal Jackson. What do they have in common? They are all shaped in a ‘Q’. 
What did these people have in common? 
They all stood for truth and wanted to destroy the evil and corrupt sickos who have controlled the world for too long.

Do your research. There is lots of disinformation out there, and even in the Q community, such as people claiming to ‘talk to Q’ (which none of them do, and if they did, they wouldn’t say it since it’s a military operation).

God Bless, and remember: Matthew meant it when he said “[They] will not control us, we will be victorious.”

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