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More Box Office Stats:

Career Estimated Concert Ticket Sales Ranked by Market (1994-2023) - Excluding Festival Headliner Gigs

UK  1.4 million+  

USA  1.3 million+  (including California)

France  1.2 million+

Italy  600K+

Mexico  500K+

Canada  360K+

California  350K+  (The fifth largest economy in the world after the USA, China, Japan, and Germany)

Germany  250K+

Spain  240K+

Australia  180K+  (Does not include the 18 Big Day Out Festival gigs)

Followed by other markets with over 100K ticket sales:






Followed by markets in no particular order with 5K-100K ticket sales:














South Korea

Hong Kong














New Zealand






Festival only gigs were held in the following markets:  Romania, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan

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Will of The People has spent 21 consecutive weeks on the Album Sales charts in both the UK (#89 on the latest tally) and France (#48).

Ghosts (How Can I Move On) feat. Elisa just achieved 2 million streams on Spotify and the official lyric video has passed 1 million views on YouTube.  The version featuring Mylene Farmer has over 800K steams on Spotify and over 450K views on YouTube.  The OG version meanwhile has over 6 million streams on Spotify and over 1.5 million views on YT.

Reach Out I'll Be There by the Four Tops covered by Jaded Hearts Club is the first track to reach 2 million streams on Spotify.

2023 WOTP World Tour

Estimated Ticket Sales

North America Leg 

360K  (135K Mexico; 175K USA; and 50K Canada)   USA Calculations:  7 venues  x 12K Avg  + 8 venues x 8K Avg + 4 venues x 6.5K avg

European Leg

540K (220K France; 100K Italy, and 220K other markets including the UK and Germany)

900K  Total Attendance

$70-$75 Million Est. Gross

Artists such as Taylor Swift, Elton John, Harry Styles, the Rolling Stones, Bad Bunny, Madonna and Beyonce with their world tours have average ticket prices around $125-$200 but MUSE appear to be averaging in the range of $65 to $100 depending on the market for their 2023 world tour. 

Legs could be added in South America, Asia and Australia for the 2nd half of 2023 and additional festival and arena gigs could be scheduled in selected European and North America markets in 2024. This is speculation only and is not official.

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2022 Year End Album Chart Performance

Will Of The People

#44 Spain - Top 100 Album Vinyl Sales  - 18 weeks on chart  (Promusicae)

17,000 tickets were sold for the 2023 festival gig in Santander, Spain in the first 30 minutes

Drones has just been certified Gold in Denmark for 10,000 sales  (IFPI)

Uprising re-enters the Billboard Top Alternative Digital Song Sales chart at #17 after iTunes in America discounted many alternative rock tracks at $0.69 this past week 

Black Holes and Revelations

  Over 1.1 billion global Spotify audio streams of tracks from the best-selling studio album in the MUSE discography as of January 2023  

    407M  Supermassive Black Hole

    316M  Starlight

    188M  Knights of Cydonia

      48M  Map of the Problematique

      31M  Assassin

      28M  Invincible

      20M  Glorious  (Bonus Track)

      19.5M  Take a Bow

      17M  Exo-Politics

      16M  Soldier's Poem

      15M  City of Delusion

      10.5M  Hoodoo

I will post cumulative-to-date track streams for the other albums in the coming days...

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Updated Box Office states for 21st century British break-through artists thru end of end of calendar year 2023


$1.6 Billion Career Gross  (8 Headliner Album Concert Tours)

19.5 Million Career Ticket Sales


$500 Million Career Gross (Headliner Album Concert Tours) - The band has also earned more than $50 million from headlining over a hundred festivals during this span

7.5 Million Career Ticket Sales

Harry Styles

$650 Million Career Gross (2 Headliner Album Concert Tours)

4.8 Million Career Ticket Sales

Ed Sheeran

$1.2 Billion Career Gross

12 Million Career Ticket Sales

One Direction

$600 Million Career Gross

7.2 Million Career Ticket Sales

*Both bands [Coldplay were the Special Guests] were on the same bill for two gigs at the Astoria club at Charing Cross Rd in London on 6 and 7 June 2000.  Tickets were 9.50 quid. Mayhem ensued at the end of each show and Dom was nearly injured from Matt's guitar tosses on both nights.  On the second night the drum kit was demolished and Matt fell on his amp and remained motionless for 17 minutes according to one eyewitness account. The venue was demolished in 2009 due to the CrossTrain Project at the Tottenham station.

Honourable Runners-up:  Adele, Arctic Monkeys and Florence + The Machine have each grossed in the $100-$250 million range from their concerts in the new century.  These three artists along with Harry Styles, Coldplay and MUSE have all been nominated for Grammys in 2023.  Adele, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Styles and MUSE have all won Grammys in prior years.

The Rolling Stones, Elton John and U2 have each grossed over $2 Billion and sold 20-30 Million tickets in their careers dating back to the 60's in case of the Stones.  Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney and Madonna are other artists who have grossed more than $1.5 billion from tours in their careers.

Sources:  Pollstar and Billboard Boxscore including estimates for the upcoming shows in 2023

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Origin of Symmetry

  Approaching 450 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from the album considered a chef-d'œuvre by many fans and critics  

    123M  Plug in Baby

    122M  Feeling Good

      60M  New Born

      46M  Bliss

      19M  Citizen Erased

      15M  Space Dementia

      14M  Hyper Music

      12M  Micro Cuts

      10M  Darkshines

         9M  Futurism  (Bonus Track)

         8.5M  Megalomania

         7.5M  Screenager

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The Resistance

  Over 925 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from the album which won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album at the 2011 ceremony   

    496M  Uprising

    152M  Undisclosed Desires

      95M  Resistance

      32M  Unnatural Selection

      31.5M  I Belong to You (+Mon Coeur S'Ouvre a Ta Voix) - Does not include 4M streams for the Twilight Saga New Moon Remix version

      28.6M  United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)

      28.4M  MK ULTRA

      17M  Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)

      16.9M  Guiding Light

      16M  Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)

      14M  Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)    

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Will of the People

  Over 125 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from the Devon trio's ninth studio album   

    38.5M  Won't Stand Down

    21M  Compliance

    16M  Will Of The People

    11.3M  You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween

    11.2M  Kill Or Be Killed

      6.5M  Verona

      6.3M  Ghosts (How Can I Move On) - Does not include 2.2M streams of the Elisa version and the 850K streams of the Mylene Farmer version

      6.2M  We Are Fucking Fucked

      5.4M  Euphoria

      4.7M  Liberation   

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  Over 645 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from this brilliant top-tier album celebrating its 20th anniversary this year  

    201M  Hysteria

    173M  Time Is Running Out

      55M  Stockholm Syndrome

      39.5M  Butterflies and Hurricanes

      31M  Sing for Absolution

      24M  Blackout

      23M  Endlessly

      18M  Apocalypse Please

      16.5M  Falling Away With You

      16.4M  The Small Print

      15.7M  Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

      12M  Fury  (Bonus Track)

      10.5M  Interlude

      10M  Ruled By Secrecy

       22K  Intro

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  Over 205 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from the band's debut studio album released in 1999

    57M  Unintended  -  Does not include the 1.7M streams of the acoustic and lullaby versions of this track on Matt's solo release Cryosleep

    43M  Sunburn

    34M  Muscle Museum

    13M  Showbiz

    11M  Cave

      9M  Uno

      7.7M  Filip

      7.5M  Falling Down

      5.7M  Hate This and I'll Love You

      5.4M  Sober

      5.1M  Escape

      4.1M  Spiral Static  (Bonus Track)

      4M  Overdue

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  Over 550 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from the album which was awarded a Grammy for Best Rock Album in 2016  

    208M  Psycho

      74M  Dead Inside

      73.8M  Mercy

      53M  Reapers

      44M  The Handler

      28.5M  Defector

      18M  Aftermath

      17.8M  Revolt

      13M  The Globalist

      11M  (JFK)

      10.5M  Drones

        39K  (Drill Sergeant)

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The 2nd Law

  Approaching 630 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from this diverse album and the second one self-produced by the  band 

    265M  Madness

      76M  Panic Station

      71M  Supremacy

      47.5M  Survival

      40M  Follow Me

      28M  Animals

      18M  Unsustainable

      17.5M  Explorers

      16M  Big Freeze

      15M  Prelude

      13.5M  Liquid State

      12M  Save Me

        9M  Isolated System   

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Simulation Theory (Super Deluxe)

  475 million global Spotify audio streams of tracks from the album with alternate reality versions of many of its tracks and multiple producers 

    92M  Pressure

    70M  Thought Contagion

    60M  Dig Down

    49M  The Dark Side

    40M  Something Human

    25M Algorithm

    19M  Propaganda

    15.5M  Break It To Me

    13.7M  Get Up and Fight

    13.5M  Blockades

    11M  The Void

    10.5M  Something Human (Acoustic)

      9M  Algorithm (ARV)

      8M  Pressure (feat. UCLA Marching Band)

      7.5M  The Dark Side (ARV)

      6M  Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)

      5.6M  Propaganda (Acoustic)

      5.5M  Break It To Me (Sam de Jong Remix)

      5.1M  Thought Contagion (Live)

      5M  The Void (Acoustic)

      4.5M  The Dark Side (ARV) [Instrumental]

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Origin of Symmetry (XX Anniversary RemiXX)

  18 million global Spotify audio streams of remastered and remixed tracks from the band's acclaimed second studio album 

    4.7M  Citizen Erased

    1.7M  New Born

    1.6M  Plug In Baby

    1.5M  Megalomania

    1.4M  Bliss

    1.3M  Space Dementia

    1.1M  Hyper Music

    1.1M  Micro Cuts

    1M  Feeling Good

     900K  Darkshines

     800K  Futurism

     800K  Screenager

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Over 5 Billion streams on Spotify for all MUSE tracks


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Soundtrack)

    28.5M  Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)


  Over 30 million global Spotify audio streams of previously released B-sides on Disc 1  

    5M  Map Of Your Head

    4M  Shrinking Universe

    3.4M  Hyper Chondriac Music

    3.3M  Yes Please

    3.3M  Recess

    2.9M  Nature_1

    2.7M  Forced In

    2.7M  Shine Acoustic

    2.5M  The Gallery

    2.4M  Ashamed

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WOTP 2023 World Tour Estimated Box Office Attendance:

16.5K Monterrey 

13K Guadalajara 

136K CDMX  (62K first night sold-out at Foro Sol)

20K  Montreal  (Two shows)

20K  Quebec City  (Two shows)

12K-14K  Toronto

14K-16K  Los Angeles

12K-14K  Anaheim

10K-12K  Oakland

11K-13K  Seattle

11K-13K  Chicago

12K-14K  New York City

9K-11K  Philadelphia

48K-52K  Lyon  (Sold-out)

38K-40K  Bordeaux  (Sold-out)

20K  The Hague  (Sold-out)

20K  Plymouth

25K  Huddersfield

25K  Milton Keynes

30K  Glasgow

25K  Bern

20K  Vienna

20K  Santander 

25K  Nancy  (Sold-out)

75K  Saint-Denis/Paris  (SDF sold-out)

50K-55K  Marseille  (Near sell-out)

35K-40K  Köln

45K-50K  Milano

45K-50K  Roma


Notable UK artists who have sold the most concert tickets in their careers during multiple tours (in approx descending order):

Rolling Stones  

Elton John


Paul McCartney (Solo, w/ Wings and w/ The Beatles)

Rod Stewart

Ed Sheeran

The Who

Def Leppard

Depeche Mode

Iron Maiden

Roger Waters

Fleetwood Mac

Eric Clapton

One Direction



Ozzy Osbourne  (Solo and w/ Black Sabbath)

Robbie Williams

Pink Floyd 

Queen  (w/ Freddie Mercury and w/ Adam Lambert)

Harry Styles


Led Zeppelin

The Police

Phil Collins

The Moody Blues

Take That

David Bowie


Arctic Monkeys

Florence + The Machine


The 1975

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Kill Or Be Killed

Most added track at Active/Mainstream Rock radio in America this week. It could become the band's 13th charting song on that airplay tally and the third from the latest album following #1 WSD and #23 WOTP.  By comparison, three tracks (WSD #3, Compliance #13 and Halloween #22) have charted at Alternative radio in America

Inspired by the Wings song Live and Let Die composed by Paul and Linda McCartney for the James Bond film 

The fourth MUSE song to feature the Phrygian Dominant scale after Stockholm Syndrome, United States of Eurasia and Break It To Me

The third MUSE song to feature a tapping solo after Invincible and Reapers

2023 Grammy Award-nominated Best Metal Performance (Won by Ozzy Osbourne)


The WOTP album has now spent 22 consecutive weeks on the France Top Physical Album Sales chart (#58 current position and #130 on the Top Albums chart compiled by SNEP) surpassing the 21 weeks on the UK Official Album Sales tally (last position ranking was #89)


What does Ghosts (How Can I Move On) have in common with Call Me by Blondie? 

English, Italian and French lyrics sung by Matt, Elisa and Mylene on the former and by Debbie Harry on the latter


What song was covered by The Gothic Plague [Matt + Dom] 30 years ago on 5 February 1993 at the Meadow Centre in Teignmouth and by MUSE at two festivals (Lollapalooza and Coachella) in April 2014 in Brazil and California, respectively?   

Lithium by Nirvana

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Mainstream Rock Airplay in America

Top-40 Debuts

#6  Lost - LINKIN PARK  (#1 Rock & Alternative Airplay with over 10 million audience and #4 Alternative Airplay)

#34 Kill Or Be Killed - MUSE

Source:  Billboard  (Tracking Week Ending 16 February 2023)

Active Rock Airplay in America

Top-40 Debuts

#17  Lost  (684 plays)

#37  Killed Or Be Killed  (200 plays)

Source:  Mediabase  (Tracking Week Ending 11 February 2023)


Milestones Achieved This Week


250 Million Views on YouTube for the official video

500 Million Streams on Spotify


Sign Of The Times - Global Drone Warfare

Top downloaded MUSE album at Apple iTunes this week with the latest current chart positions in various markets:


#6 Ukraine

#12 Moldova

#19 Latvia

#23 Kyrgyzstan

#24 Belgium

#28 Luxembourg

#35 Portugal

#43 Israel

#45 Romania

#46 Russia

#48 Malta

#51 Canada

#78 Mexico

#82 Argentina

#84 Netherlands

#87 Indonesia

#92 Malaysia

#95 Poland

#98 Colombia

#98 Switzerland

#103 Hong Kong

#107 Germany

#110 Finland

#112 Austria

#124 Spain

#138 Turkey

#146 Italy

#168 France

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KOBK climbs a few spots to #28 at rock radio in America in its second chart week on the latest weekly airplay tallies compiled by both Billboard and Mediabase even though they have different tracking weeks and may have a different panel of radio stations which report their monitored airplay to them

January 2023 Box Office  - Top Six Grossing Tours

Elton John - Over $40 million at 8 stadium shows in Australia and New Zealand with 242K attendance

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Over $15 million at 3 stadium shows in Australia and New Zealand with 116K attendance

Harry Styles - Over $12 million at 4 shows in southern California with 62K attendance

ENHYPEN - Over $10 million at 4 shows in Asia with 100K attendance  [South Korean boy band]

MUSE - $9.4 million at 4 shows in Mexico with 137K attendance  

Backstreet Boys - $8.5 million at 4 shows in Brazil with 120K attendance

Sources:  Pollstar and Billboard Boxscore

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1. What BHaR song, one of Matt's most complex compositions, features the following musical theory elements:

    Three key changes:  Em - Cm - G♯m - Em

    Classical pivot-chord and parallel key modulations

    E Dorian minor mode

2.  What do Supermassive Black Hole, Resistance, Explorers, Paranoid Android, God Only Knows and Blackbird have in common with many works composed by JS Bach?

3.  What are seven of the most common musical theory elements used by Matt in composing his songs?

4.  What BHaR song is in the key of H (Germany and Scandinavia) and in the key of Si (France, Italy, and Spain)?

5.  What ST track features harmonic minor, natural minor and melodic minor?

6.  In what key is Showbiz track Unintended?

7.  What are two MUSE songs with the most key changes/modulations?

8.  What popular OoS track written mostly in C minor shifts to its parallel C Major key in the chorus?

9.  What popular OoS track can be played in both Am and its relative C Major key?

10.  What song from TR was promoted in early 2009 by a short video clip which featured a band member playing to some animals near a river?

Answers below


2023 WOTP World Tour 

Sold-out gigs so far at venues in the following cities:

Mexico City (Night 1)


New York City





The Hague




Knights of Cydonia


Chromatic Mediants; Harmonic Minor; Arpeggios; Key Changes/Modulations/Modal Interchange; Secondary Dominants; Augmented/Diminished Chords; and Triads

Starlight in B Major (US and UK)

The Dark Side

Em although it begins and ends in E Major - It may employ modal interchange/borrowed chords and/or a Picardy Third

Take A Bow and Exogenesis Symphony (Parts 1, 2, 3) - Take A Bow also is a good example of the Circle Of Fifths


Citizen Erased

Guiding Light with Dom playing a snare drum to sheep grazing on a grassy meadow in the countryside

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What MUSE track has the same chord progression (I ii vi IV) as Halo by Beyonce [Composed by Ryan Tedder]; Delicate by Taylor Swift; and Adam's Song by blink-182?  See answer below.

Origin of Symmetry has just been certified Gold in Germany for sales of 150,000 units joining BHaR, TR, and T2L as the other certified MUSE albums in that market by the BVMI.   

Check out the orchestral version of a track from that album by Oliver Hodge:



Starlight    Chords:  B, C♯m, G♯m, E

Credit:  David Bennett Piano on YouTube

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2023 Mexico Gigs - Box Office Grosses

$6.8 million and 107,270 attendance for the two shows at Foro Sol in Mexico City  [Compared with $5 million and 94K+ attendance for the two shows at the same venue in 2019 and $5 million and 95K+ attendance for the four shows at the Palacio de los Deportes in 2013]

$1.5 million and 16,485 attendance at Estadio Banorte in Monterrey

$1.1 million and 13,000+ estimated attendance at Arena VFG in Guadalajara

Sources:  OCESA and Pollstar

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O Canada!

50 career MUSE gigs in Canada including the two shows this week at Centre Bell in Montreal

18 April 2004 -  First show in Canada at Le Spectrum in Montreal with a ticket price of $15 and attendance of 1,168 at the 1,200 capacity venue which was demolished in 2008

Gig Breakdown by Province:  21 Quebec; 17 Ontario; 6 Alberta; 5 British Columbia; and 1 Manitoba

Certifications of MUSE albums and singles by Music Canada:  6 Platinum or Gold albums including Double Platinum The Resistance and 4 Platinum and Gold Digital Downloads including Double Platinum Madness

Two rarities played at Montreal venues:  Microcuts (2013) and Glorious (2004) 

Of the reportedly only 11 times my favourite bonus track Glorious has been performed on tour, 6 took place at various venues and cities in Canada in 2004, 3 were in the USA and 2 in the UK (O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in 2017 and Earls Court in 2004)

...Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux

...God keep our land glorious and free!

Fun facts:  The Canadian national anthem interpolates the first few bars from Mozart's March of the Priests from The Magic Flute; the German national anthem's melody comes from Haydn's String Quartet in C Major; the Russian national anthem has a chord progression similar to Pachelbel's popular Canon in D; and the UEFA Champions League anthem is based on Händel's Zadok The Priest. Matt of course has also been influenced/inspired by several classical pieces by Rachmaninov, Chopin, Bach, Saint-Saëns, Tchaikovsky, and Elgar

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Kill Or Be Killed climbed to #20 on the latest published Mediabase Active Rock Airplay chart with over 500 weekly spins at that radio format in America.  On the latest Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay chart it also jumped to #20 to become the band's sixth Top 20 track on that survey.

WOTP occupies position #43 on the latest published France Top Albums Physiques chart by SNEP in its 27th consecutive week on that tally

Plug In Baby will likely surpass 1,100 live career performances at the end of their WOTP worldwide tour which is by far the most played track in their discography with the first performance taking place at a club in Amterdam in January 2000.  It was also played a couple times in America during their Showbiz tour including Brownies in New York City

Fun facts:  The early demo versions of PiB date back to 1997 with the final version with the JS Bach intro guitar riff completed in late 1999 and early 2000 when Matt was 19-21 years old.  Some scholars believe Bach may also have composed his famous Toccata and Fugue in D minor in his late teens/early 20's circa 1703-1707. Bach was born in 1685.  

The three alternate versions of tracks from WOTP have now all surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify:

Ghosts (featuring Elisa) - English/Italian version over 3 million streams

Ghosts (featuring Mylène Farmer)  - English/French version over 1.1 million streams

KOBK (Felsmann and Tiley Reinterpretation)  - Over 1.2 million streams

The three MUSE covers with the most plays on Spotify:

126 million - Feeling Good

26 million - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

15 million - Hungry Like The Wolf

The most viewed HAARP Live at Wembley tracks on YouTube:

29 million - Knights of Cydonia

24 million - Time Is Running Out

23 million - Hysteria

The most viewed Live at Rome Olympic Stadium tracks on YouTube:

19 million - Plug in Baby

14 million - Starlight

11 million - Madness

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MUSE will likely have earned their highest grossing one-night concert of all time on 8 July 2023 with an estimated 7 million-plus euros (US$7.7 million) in box office revenue at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis as part of the WOTP World Tour surpassing the US$6.7 million earned for the band's one-night gig at London Stadium in June 2019.  Career revenue at SDF for seven MUSE shows will total over US$40 million with just over 500,000 tickets sold.

For gigs taking place in the first quarter of 2023,  MUSE will have grossed an estimated US$19 million from 18 shows in Mexico, Canada and the USA with around 265,000 tickets sold.  This will rank them in the Top 5 tours by British artists during the past three months:  Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles each with around US$80-US$90 million for shows in Oceania and California/Oceania/Asia respectively and Coldplay and Elton John each with over US$50 million for shows in Brazil and Oceania/Europe respectively.  American artist Taylor Swift will have grossed about $65 million from just 5 stadium shows in late March.  She is on track to earn approx US$700 million from 52 stadium shows in the USA and perhaps US$1 billion for the entire calendar year 2023 from possible not yet announced legs in Europe and elsewhere.

Song Trivia:

This early MUSE track was originally titled Nova Scotia and was last played at a gig in Latvia features the following:

Three modulations  (Verses and main riff in D minor;  the chorus in G minor; and the outro in D Major)

Diminished fifth

D Locrian scale

What MUSE track in E minor with multiple chord progressions including a sample from Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto and a reference to the H8 microcomputer is considered to be one ot the Top 3 most complex compositions in Matt's discography along with TaB and KoC?




Space Dementia

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Absolution has also recently been certified Gold in Germany by BVMI for sales of 100,000 units.

The last track on this album (Ruled By Secrecy) was last performed live on stage in Glasgow in October 2012.  It is possibly the only song Matt has composed in the key of F minor and has some beautiful and unique chord progressions:

Chorus:  D♭ - B♭ - E♭ - C7 - Fm - E♭7 - A♭ - D7

Solo:  Fm - C / E - Cm / E♭  - C

Watch the awesome performance of this song at Glastonbury in 2004:


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