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Triva questions to pass the time until the 2nd single and studio LP9 release dates and first gigs in America are announced on social media

What song from Absolution entered at #10 on the first official UK Singles Download chart published in September 2004?

What song from The Resistance entered at #14 on the official UK Physical Singles chart in May 2010 based on 500 vinyl import sales from the single release in America?

In what original key was both the first single Plug in Baby to chart in France and Switzerland and the most recent single WSD to chart in those same two markets?

How many charted singles have MUSE in the UK, France, USA, Switzerland, and the Netherlands?

What musical instrument did Dom start to teach himself to play last year during the holidays?

Three MUSE and Anna Kendrick connections through the years?

What football club supported by Chris currently tops the 24-team EFL League One table in the UK?

On whose private jet did MUSE return to England after their Australian gigs in December 2010?

What Russian ballet composed in 1935 did Matt recommend everyone listen to opining "it is one of the heaviest pieces of music you'll ever hear?"

What Austrian classical composer did Matt say he hates as quoted in a 2009 interview with Prog #2?

Which band member as quoted in the same above archive interview said "To call us [MUSE] genius is an insult to other artists who've done stuff way more challenging than us. It worries me when people perceive this band at the level of genius. People that are genius, I don't know where they are these days." 


Apocalypse Please

Exogenesis: Symphony

B minor 

UK: 53 (38 singles in the Top 200 and 15 tracks that did not enter the official singles chart but did enter other singles charts (downloads, streaming, and physical sales)

France:  33 in the Top 200

USA: 25 (22 on the rock airplay charts including Reapers at Mainstream and 3 other tracks (Survival, Supremacy, The Dark Side) which entered other rock songs charts

Switzerland:  19 in the Top 100

Netherlands:  18 in the Top 100


2008 Twilight - Supermassive Black Hole; 2015 Pitch Perfect 2 - Uprising (cover); and 2022 Hollywood Hills

Rotherham United FC 


Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    [Mozart is one of my personal favourite composers]

Matt showing his humility  [IMO if not summa cum laude genius at least magna sum laude near-genius level of excellence in the band's musicianship and live performances]  Incidentally, Matt attended Exeter College from 1994-96 and reportedly received only a C-grade in the A-level music course he took there.

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Latest Billboard Rock Charts in the USA:

WSD reaches a new apex at #8 on the Mainstream Rock Airplay tally this week after spending the last two weeks hovering at #10.  Several songs above it are losing plays so it should move up a few positions in the coming weeks.

The song remains in a holding pattern at Alternative Airplay spending the last four weeks at either #5 or #6.  It may move up to #4 in the next week or so.

RHCP, Foo Fighters and MUSE this week all have songs in the Top 10 on these two airplay charts at both Billboard and Mediabase.  These three bands now have had 71 different songs in their career which have reached this upper tier at Alternative:  RHCP achieved their first Top 10 in 1989, FF in 1995, and MUSE in 2004.

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Slava Ukraini!

MUSE have played three career gigs in Kyiv, Ukraine:  1 at the Olympic National Sports Complex stadium in 2016 headlining the two day U-Park rock festival with RHCP and 2 at the Palace of Sports arena in 2011 and 2007 in front of a combined audience of over 40,000 fans for the three shows. 

The last three times 'Soldier's Poem' was performed live by the band were shows in Ukraine and Russia in May 2011. Originally composed as a political song against the war in Iraq.

"...How could you send us so far way from home when you know damn well that this is wrong..." 

Comments from three notable B's about the current situation:

"Won't Stand Down is a song about standing your ground against bullies...'' - Bellamy

"America stands up to bullies. We stand up for freedom..." - Biden

Silence - Blavatnik

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Matt on Instagram:  

"Humbled and inspired by the brave people of Ukraine fighting for their right to live free and in peace. Respect also to the people of Russia wiling to protest and stand up to their deranged and corrupt government. We stand for liberal democracy, freedom and power to the individual over state oppression and authoritarianism."

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Won't Stand Down

New apices at rock radio in the U.S. in its eighth week of release:

#4 Alternative Airplay (Billboard & Mediabase) - Plays

#5 Alternative and Rock Airplay (Billboard) - Audience

#6 Mainstream Rock Airplay (Billboard) - Plays

Over 6 million rock radio audience according to Mediabase with 3,600 weekly plays

22 million combined streams on Spotify (13M) and YouTube (9M)

WSD by MUSE and DiEfu by BMTH have received heavy airplay at American rock radio the past few weeks and their official music videos were both filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Russian authorities have arrested 15,000 courageous anti-war protesters since the 'special military operation' commenced

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WSD is still climbing the rock radio charts in America the week before the release of the 2nd single Compliance from LP9:

#3 Alternative Airplay (Billboard and Mediabase) - Tracks from Imagine Dragons and RHCP are #1 and #2 respectively

#4 Rock and Alternative Airplay Audience (Billboard) - RHCP #1; ID #2, and FF #3

#5 Active Rock Airplay (Mediabase)

#5 Hot Hard Rock Songs (Billboard) - Peaked at #3  - Combines sales, airplay and streams

#6 Mainstrearm Rock Airplay (Billboard)


What music appropriately opened the sold-out gig MUSE played at the Arena di Verona amphitheatre on 16 July 2007 in front of 15,000 fans?  This venue in Verona, Italy was built in 30 AD.  Verona is also track #8 on the soon to be released studio LP9.

Dance of the Knights from Romeo and Juliet (Prokofiev)


What former heavyweight boxing champion and current mayor of Kyiv did MUSE meet at the band's  festival gig in Ukraine's capital city on 8 July 2016? 

Vitali Klitschko


He and his brother and fellow boxing champion Wladimir have taken up arms to defend their city and country.

нет войны!

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4th official MUSE video to be filmed in an Eastern European country

2nd official MUSE video to be directed by a French director

2nd notable song by high-profile artists to contain 'clique' in its lyrics 



New Born filmed in Prague, the Czech Republic and London, England

Knights of Cydonia filmed in Romania, London, and California

Won't Stand Down filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine

Compliance filmed in Warsaw, Poland


Undisclosed Desires directed by French team of Jonas & Francois

Compliance directed by Jeremi Durand


...You’re running scared, you’ll run into our arms

Come join our clique, we’ll keep you safe from harm

Our toy soldier, you’ll do the dirty work

Stay loyal to us, we’ll take away the hurt

We have what you need, just reach out and serve

We can save you (Save you) just give us your



Clique - Song by Kanye West, JAY-Z and Big Sean released in 2012 

...Ain't nobody f*cking with my clique...

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Will Of The People

Apple Music Top Albums

#54 Mexico

#101 Portugal

#129 United Kingdom

#145 Belgium

#150 Italy

#155 Netherlands

#173 Uzbekistan

#191 Poland

#200 Spain

The two songs that have been made available from the 26 August 2022 release are streaming well enough to place the album on this chart for the above markets.



Apple iTunes Top Songs Peak Chart Positions (All Genres) in various markets after the first day of release on 17 March 2022:

#1 Mozambique

#2 Switzerland  (#1 Alternative)

#3 Mexico  (#1 Alternative)

#3 Bulgaria

#5 France  (#1 Alternative)

#5 Paraguay

#7 Poland (#2 Alternative)

#8 Czech Republic

#8 Greece  (#1 Alternative)

#9 Peru

#10 Finland

#12 New Zealand  (#3 Alternative)

#13 Denmark

#16 Sweden

#17 Ireland  (#2 Alternative)

#18 Saudi Arabia

#19 United Kingdom  (#1 Alternative)

#19 Italy

#24 Belgium

#24 Austria

#26 Bolivia

#40 Netherlands

#40 Malaysia

#52 Russia

#54 Germany

#54 Australia

#57 Hong Kong

#58 Canada

#81 Turkey

#93 Spain

#140 USA  (#11 Alternative)


Apple Music Top Songs (Streaming) - Peak Chart Postions

#93 Switzerland

#100 Finland

#107 Lebanon

#113 Norway

#151 Bhutan

#152 Iceland

#147 Netherlands

#166 Tunisia

#172 Nepal

#180 Nicaragua



#71 Belgium

#90 Italy

#136 Netherlands

#141 France

#158 Switzerland

#176 Bulgaria

#191 Croatia

#195 Austria


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Amazon - UK 

Digital Music

Top Sellers in Songs (All Genres) as of Saturday 19 March 2022

#1 Compliance

#3 Won't Stand Down


Amazon - United States

#8 Compliance

#22 Won't Stand Down


YouTube - Official Video


1 million views after first four days of release


Spotify - Top Songs on 18 March 2022


#91 Finland   10k streams

#140  Switzerland  8k streams


Deezer - Top Streamed Songs on 18 March 2022


#2 Slovenia

#4 Singapore

#11 Russia

#30 Switzerland

#38 Ukraine

#67 Norway

#68 Ecuador

#69 Poland

#98 Israel

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Won't Stand Down reaches new peaks on the following tallies at rock radio in America:

#3 Rock and Alternative Airplay Audience (Billboard)

#4 Active Rock Airplay (Mediabase)

The track holds steady at #3 at Alternative Airplay this past week behind tracks from RHCP and Imagine Dragons.


Compliance has just passed the 1 million streams mark on both the Spotify (2.0m) and YouTube (1.5m) platforms, while WSD has surpassed 23 million streams (15m Spotify and 9m YouTube).  It remains in the Top 100 Songs charts at iTunes in the following markets:


Switzerland, Austria and Germany

France and Belgium

United Kingdom



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Current Top 100 Songs Chart Positions at Apple iTunes one week after release:

Compliance  [Original Published Key: D minor]

#18 Saudi Arabia

#23 Mexico

#26 Bolivia

#28 France

#33 Italy

#67 United Kingdom

#68 Switzerland

#69 Hong Kong  (Debuted at #57) - Only song by a British act and Western rock band ranking in the Top 100 on this tally dated 24 March


Still charting in the Top 100 at iTunes 10 weeks after release:

Won't Stand Down  [Original Published Key: B minor]

#19 Saudi Arabia

#80 Switzerland

#83 France

#90 Norway



What descending minor chord progression does Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys share with Citizen Erased, Resistance and Reapers?

Word Matt mispronounces in Compliance

Name two things Matt and Morrissey have in common

What song best describes Matt?

Who saved Matt's life when he was choking once?



Andalusian cadence


Clique  [Synonyms:  Cult, Coterie, Sect, Gang, Cabal, Inner Circle, Faction, Tribe, Junta, Political Extremists]


Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want song by The Smiths and later covered by MUSE in 2001

Ouija Board, Ouija Board song by Morrissey and Matt playing Ouija Boards with his family in Teignmouth in the late 80s and early 90s


Blue Valentine by Tom Waits    [Source:  NME interview with Matt in February 2000]


A babysitter   [Source:  Ditto above interview]

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Official UK Chart Positions For Week Ending 24 March 2022:

Singles Downloads/Singles Sales 

#45 Compliance (Debut)   Note:  2nd single from WOTP just missed the UK Official Top 100 Singles tally - It probably placed somewhere in the Top 200 because of lower streaming numbers compared to WSD in its first week of release.

Rock & Metal Singles

#21 Compliance (Debut)

#26 Supermassive Black Hole (507 weeks on chart)

#40 Won't Stand Down (4 weeks on chart)


Compliance also likely ranked in the Top 50 in Download Sales in its first week of release in Switzerland and France but did not enter the Top 100 or Top 200 singles charts respectively in those two markets for the reason cited above.


WSD is the first MUSE single released in America to peak in the Top 3 on the Alternative,  Mainstream Rock,  Rock & Alternative Airplay (Audience Impressions), and Hot Hard Rock Songs charts compiled by Billboard.


I thought WOTP would be released by WMG in May or early June but new albums from RHCP in April and Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Florence + The Machine, Harry Styles and Liam Gallagher in May and possibly vinyl production delays scuppered those plans.  Nothing official - just speculation on my part.

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Dom's tribute to Taylor Hawkins on Instagram:

"I'm so shocked and sad to hear this news today. I first saw and heard Taylor play the drums when I recorded an Alanis [Morissette] show on vhs when I was about 17. I watched it all the time thinking who the f*ck is this drummer! Joining the Foo's was perfect and fortunately we were lucky enough to meet, hang out and share many stages together over the years where I'd be standinng there completely in awe of his playing. A true legend and massive drumming inspiration to myself and so many others.  You'll be greatly missed."

MUSE probably first met and shared a stage with Taylor and his FF bandmates on 16 November 1999 at the Bercy Arena in Paris, France in support of headliner RHCP.

Click on the link below to see a pic of Dom and Taylor with Roger Taylor from Queen.



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The Resistance has just been certified 2x Platinum (160 000 units) in Canada.  The album has reached this Double Platinum certification level previously in the UK, Italy and Denmark, while it has been certified Diamond in France for estimated sales over 800k since its release in 2009.

From late March 2000 to early April 2000 MUSE supported RHCP and Foo Fighters for arena shows in North America while Coldplay opened for MUSE for several shows in the UK from late May to early June 2000.  All four bands currently have songs in the Top 30 at Alternative Radio in America.


First two gigs at the Eventim Apollo venue (May 2022) and first charity shows on consecutive nights.

Three prior gigs took place at the nearby Riverside Studios for various television programmes. 


Sept 2003:  Hysteria played and recorded for the CD:UK countdown show on ITV.

May 2002:  Can't Take My Eyes Off You  (First ever performance of the song originally recorded by Frankie Valli and the only time it has been played besides three times later in Japan).  The cover song was performed twice followed by a double performance of Dead Star for the BBC Choice Re:covered show.  

Feb 2000:  Sunburn played and recorded for the TFI Friday show on Channel 4. The presenter introduced the band as Sunburn from Torquay playing a song called Muse before correcting himself.  The band drafted/hired a pianist to play the opening intro of the song but he f*cked it up according to Matt.  A shortened version of the song was played followed by an Ashamed outro.  Matt was upset and threw his guitar twice and trashed the equipment on stage.

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  • 2 weeks later...

WSD reaches a new high of #4 at U.S. Mainstream Rock Airplay (Billboard) and is still gaining additional weekly spins at that format but appears to have stalled at #3 at Alternative. The first single from WOTP received just under 4,000 weekly plays at American rock radio in the last tracking week according to Mediabase. 

WSD has also recently surpassed 26 million combined global streams at Spotify and YouTube while Compliance has just reached 5 million global streams combined on those two platforms but has not yet received airplay at any American radio stations.

Which MUSE song was reportedly written by Matt while vacationing on the Greek island of Antipaxos?

Which song was reportedly written by Matt on holiday in the Maldives?

The ending riff of what BHaR song was supposedly written on a tour bus whle traveling in the U.S. state of Arizona?

Five songs were reportedly written by Matt in what Asian country in early 2005 but apparently were scrapped for BHaR?

Which MUSE album has still been charting in the Top 100 albums at Apple iTunes in Russia despite the three major record labels having suspended operations in that market?


Muscle Museum


Knights of Cydonia



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This MUSE song was reportedly first performed live in Devon on 31 March 1997 [and perhaps as early as 1996 according to Matt] and was the closing song on the setlist last night at the Cavern in Exeter.   Answer below.

The record for the longest time span between MUSE club gigs at the same venue at 27+ years has also just been set by the Cavern in Exeter

First club gig:  22 October 1994

Most recent club gig:  7 April 2022

Number of career gigs at this venue:  33

The previous record holder was the La Cigale venue in Paris with a span of 18+ years between gigs

First club gig:  6 November 1999

Most recent club gig:  24 February 2018

Upcoming sets this year at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park in Germany; at Eurockeennes in Belfort, France; and OpenAir at St. Gallen, Switzerland will jointly hold the record at 22 years for longest spans between gigs at festival venue sites beginning in 2000.  The Rock Werchter festival gigs in Belgium starting in 2000 and the latest occurring in 2019 follow at 19 years.

Shows at the Reading and Leeds Festivals beginning in August 1999 and the most recent gigs taking place in August 2017 have a time span of 18 years; shows at Shepherd's Bush Empire from May 2000 to August 2017 have a span of 17+ years; the Glastonbury Festival shows from June 1999 to June 2016 have a span of almost exactly 17 years; and gigs at the Bercy Arena in Paris from November 1999 to March 2016 have a time period of 16+ years between performances at that venue.

Among the other notable venues with a 8+ year span between career MUSE gigs 

Clubs:  Gloria and E-Werk venues in Cologne, Germany and Ancienne Belgigue in Brussels, Belgium

Arenas:  Target Center in Minneapolis, MN; Valley City Arena  in Columbus, OH; Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK; Forum at Inglewood, CA; Forum at Assago, Italy; Royal Albert Hall in London; Madison Square Garden in New York, NY; Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia;  O2 Arena in London, UK; United Center in Chicago, IL; Utilita and Resorts World Arenas in Birmingham, UK; WiZink Center in Madrid, Spain; Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City; Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada; Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada; Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA; TD Garden in Boston, MA; Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA; and Toyota Center in Houston, TX

Stadiums:  Foro Sol in Mexico City; Stade de France in Saint-Denis/Paris, France; and San Siro in Milan, Italy

Amphitheaters:  Lakewood in Atlanta, GA; MidFlorida Credit Union in Tampa, FL; Budweiser Stage in Toronto, Canada; and Red Rocks in Morrison, CO

Festivals:  Pinkpop in the Netherlands; Nimes, France; Fuji Rock in Naeba, Japan; Coachella in Indio, CA; and Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL




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The just announced festival gig in September 2022 at the Sacaba Beach in Malaga is the second-ever MUSE gig in Andalucia in the south of Spain following the MUSE concert at the Sports Palace in Granada in March 2004.  

Matt reportedly visited Alhambra in Granada around 1998 and also traveled to Italy and Greece during this time.  These experiences inspired several of his compositions on subsequent studio albums including for example the Spanish guitar influence on track Hoodoo on BHaR.

On another trip to Spain he toured artist Salvador Dali's house in Catalonia near Figueres north of Barcelona.

MUSE have played over 30 career gigs in Spain including besides Andalucia the communities and regions of Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Valencian, Galicia, Asturias, and the Balearic Islands.

The BHaR album cover was shot at the Bardenas Reales in the south east Navarre region of northern Spain.

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Chart Oddities:

Showbiz did not chart in Switzerland or Germany or Spain or the USA when the band's first studio album was released in late 1999.  

When Origin of Muse was released in December 2019 however this boxset which contained the remastered version of Showbiz entered the album charts in these markets at the following positions:

#34 Switzerland

#48 Germany

#55 Spain

#97 USA [Current Album Sales]


Origin of Symmetry meanwhile did not chart in Spain or Portugal or the USA when it was released in June 2001.

When Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX was released in the summer of 2021 it entered the albums charts in these markets at the following positions:

#11 Portugal

#14 Spain

#15 USA [Top Album Sales] 

Note: The original OoS was finally released in the USA in 2005 and spent one week on the Billboard 200 album chart at #161 in 2010.

The 20th anniversary edition of OoS also reached a new peak of #6 on the Swiss albums chart while the original OoS had entered at #14.

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Vinyl Albums Sales Peak Chart Positions in the USA (Billboard) for the past four MUSE studio albums

#3 Origin of Symmetry XX Anniversary RemiXX  (2021) - #15 Album Sales (Physical and Digital)

#2 Simulation Theory (2018) - #6 Album Sales

#2 Drones (2015) - #1 Album Sales

#7 The 2nd Law (2012)  - #2 Album Sales

The 20th anniversary remastered and remixed Origin of Symmetry also peaked in the Top 5 on the vinyl albums physical sales charts in the following markets in July 2021:

#1 Italy

#1 Spain

#1 Switzerland

#2 United Kingdom

#4 France

#4 Australia

#4 Belgium Wallonia 

#5 Netherlands

First-week vinyl sales figures in the USA for rock albums released by notable artists:

40,000  Jack White (2014)

38,500   RHCP  (2022) [Availability on multiple colour vinyl LP variants and special editions] 

33,500  Pearl Jam (1994)

32,000  Paul McCartney (2020)

28,000  Ghost (2022)

24,500  Jack White (2022)

23,000  Foo Fighters (2021)

10,000-15,000+ MUSE (2022)  - WOTP Projections

4,000  MUSE (2021) - OoS XX Anniversary RemiXX


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Pre-orders for the WOTP Amazon UK exclusive Red Vinyl have placed the band's upcoming album in the Top 100 Sellers in Vinyl rankings at that retailer during the past four weeks.  


Skating to "Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1: Overture" and "I Belong to You (+Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix)" by MUSE, American siblings Oona Brown and Gage Brown from New York won the free dance and clinched the gold medal in ice dance on the final day of the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia this past weekend.  Their prior free dance programme featured "Nothing Else Matters" from Metallica.

Fun Fact:  American R&B legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jackie Wilson's highest charting song in America was 'Night' in 1960 which peaked at #4.  It was based on the same aria from the opera Samson and Delilah by Camille Saint-Saëns which Matt incorporated as an interlude on the band's track 'I Belong To You' on The Resistance in 2009.




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'Won't Stand Down' ascends two positions this past week to reach a new peak of #2 on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Airplay charts compiled by Billboard/Luminate and Mediabase in the track's 15th week of release.  WSD becomes the joint-highest charting song with 'Reapers' in the runner-up spot at that rock format.  It is still gaining spins and could replace the current chart topper 'Zombified' by Falling In Reverse on next week's survey. Meanwhile, WSD is repidly losing plays at Alternative and will soon drop out of the Top 10.  Which song will be promoted to that format in the coming months?  'Compliance' or a possible third single before WOTP drops in late August

Inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will be announced in May.  British 2022 nominees include Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Kate Bush and Judas Priest along with American artists RATM, Eminem, Pat Benatar, Lionel Ritchie, Dolly Parton, Carly Simon and Dionne Warwick.

MUSE and Coldplay reportedly become eligible for nomination in 2023 and 2024, respectively.  Some acts like Radiohead get inducted right away when eligible and others like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Def Leppard, Roxy Music and The Zombies must wait years and even decades to finally get inducted and some like Iron Maiden get snubbed repeatedly.

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Won't Stand Down is the most played song at Active Rock radio in the U.S so far this week leaping over Zombified and is on track to hit No. 1 according to Mediabase. It would become the band's first chart-topper at that format.  Reapers had to settle for one week at #2 in April 2016 because the cover of Sound of Silence by Disturbed was spending multiple weeks at the summit during this time on both the Mediabase and Billboard Mainstream Rock airplay charts.


Matt wrote the fourth single from Showbiz when he was about 19.  It became the highest charting single from that album on the UK Official Singles chart peaking at #20.

It was probably played live for the first time in 1998 with one of the performances taking place at the Astoria in London in December 1998 and the following year it made its debut performance at the New Morning club in Paris and at Woodstock in New York in July 1999.

The official music video released in the summer of 1999 featured Chris playing an electric double bass but no drums or guitar were present at the time of filming.

The last live performance of this song by the band took place at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway in July 2013.

Matt recorded three different acoustic versions of Unintended with J.S. Bach arpeggios on his solo EP Cryosleep in July 2021.

The latest cover of the song is the first single from French cellist Thibaut Reznicek's new classical album to be released in June 2022.  The video appears below:





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On 4/30/2022 at 2:03 AM, Claudia O said:

Hi! Checked  Matts Spotify-account recently, there is this version listed ! Maybe he was involved in recording it? 


Music licensing and clearance issues.  Matt probably has to give his approval for use of his songs in commercials, movies or television shows including cover versions.  For example, if contestants in reality tv singing competitions want to sing a MUSE song like Starlight or Unintended, Matt and his music publisher have to give their permission.  In this particular case, Matt liked the cello cover arrangement and agreed to jointly promote it on Spotify and elsewhere.

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Won't Stand Down has just become the band's first chart-topper at Mainstream Rock Airplay in the U.S. according to both Billboard and Mediabase.  It took the Devon trio 28+ years to achieve this remarkable feat on this particular airplay tally.  It may also be the first No. 1 song on any genre chart to feature a GuitarViol in its instrumentation.

In May 1994 the No. 1 song on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart was Keep Talking by Pink Floyd.

Other firsts on the American rock charts:

Absolution - First MUSE album to enter the Billboard Heatseekers Album chart in April 2004 and a month later it reached number #1 and spent 68 total weeks on this Bubbling under the Top 100 albums survey peaking it #107 and was later certified Platinum by the RIAA

Time Is Running Out - First MUSE song to debut on any rock airplay chart in April 2004 eventually becoming the band's first Top 10 peaking at #9

Uprising - First No. 1 on the Alternative Airplay chart in September 2009 and the first track to enter the Mainstream Rock Airplay tally peaking at #28

Uprising and Madness - Greatest Of All Time Alternative Songs at #1 and #4, respectively [Compiled by Billboard as of September 2018 on occasion of the chart's 30th anniversary]

Drones - First studio album to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in June 2015


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